All These Animals Want for Christmas Is …

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Some of the things that we all take for granted seem like an impossible dream for animals who suffer at human hands. Please take action to help these animals’ Christmas wishes come true!   Morgan copy Orcas in the wild swim up to 100 miles a day. At marine parks such as SeaWorld, they’re forced to live in tiny concrete tanks, far away from their ocean homes. Speak out.   Air France A steel laboratory cage is no place to spend Christmas – or any day, for that matter. Ask Air France to stop shipping monkeys to laboratories where they’ll be tortured and killed.   Chicken Most chickens raised for food spend their entire lives crowded together with thousands of other birds under artificial lights in vast sheds where they barely have enough room even to stretch out their wings. Don’t support this!   Mink copy Billions of animals, including foxes, minks, cows, snakes and dogs and cats, are killed every year, often in gruesome ways – and all for the sake of fashion. Speak out for them.   Pig Most pigs farmed for their flesh are killed when they’re between 3 and 6 months old. The natural lifespan of a pig is around 15 years. Don’t buy into this cruelty. Image: Anita Krajnc/Toronto Pig Save    Animal Rahat copy In India, working bullocks are forced to trudge along in the heat, straining under a heavy yoke to pull an overloaded, poorly balanced cart. These gentle animals often suffer from dehydration, untreated sores, and muscle strain. Help them.   Calf face copy Baby calves in the dairy industry are snatched from their mothers’ sides within days or even hours of being born so that humans can drink the milk meant for them. Don’t look the other way.    Mali Mali is the only elephant in the Philippines. It’s been 35 years since she saw another member of her species. Take action for Mali. Animal Aid Slaughter copy   Investigations into UK abattoirs documented workers kicking, slapping and beating workers. Mandatory CCTV would help stop this from happening. Sign the petition.   Fish Time and time again, studies have shown that fish are complex, intelligent animals with distinct personalities, long-term memories and the capacity to feel pleasure and pain. Yet more fish are killed for food each year than any other animal, usually without any effort to avoid causing them to suffer. Give fish a chance!   Puppy copy Every year, puppies bought as Christmas presents end up abandoned or in shelters and may never find the loving home that they deserve. Meanwhile, breeders and traders continue to make a profit by contributing to the dog-overpopulation crisis. If you’re considering welcoming a new animal companion into your home, adopt, don’t buy! DEMO copy   Speak out against injustice and help answer animals’ cries for help. Join PETA’s Action Team today. Chicken and Calf images: Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals



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