7 of the Best Barbecue-Worthy Vegan ‘Meats’

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The best vegan bbq meat substitutesIt’s that time of year again! The sun has got its hat on, and it’s time to fire up the grill and gather everyone together for a slap-up summer barbecue. If you’re one of the ever-growing number of compassionate people for whom the idea of burning animal flesh doesn’t conjure up summer fun, there are many cruelty-free hot dogs, veggie burgers and vegan sausages crying out to be grilled, tossed into a bun and gobbled up! Here are some of our favourite vegan ‘meat’ options:

  1. Linda McCartney Mushroom & Spinach Burgers: If you’re not that into faux meats but still want a chunky burger with just the right amount of green, these are for you! These burgers have a distinctive mushroomy flavour and are widely available in most supermarkets.
  2. Dee’s Traditional Vegan Sausages: These pea protein–based sausages are spiced with ginger, coriander and Irish dulse seaweed and are a cut above your average vegan bangers. Available from Waitrose and Ocado, they are suitable for vegans and coeliacs and are also soy-free.
  3. Tesco Mexican Style Bean Burgers: For those who love a spicy kick to their burgers, these Mexican-style burgers are HOT! They’re packed with kidney and haricot beans and sweet corn and are perfect served in a bun with salad and guacamole or salsa. They’re also great value for the money.
  4. VBites Meat-Free Jumbo Hot Dogs: Offering a vegan take on the classic frankfurter-style hot dog. VBites already offers a wide range of meat and cheese substitutes, available from Holland & Barrett and some larger Morrisons’ stores.
    Vegan BBQ grill ideas
  5. Fry’s Traditional Burgers: These hearty and satisfying burgers have an authentically “meaty” flavour and, with their char-grilled pattern, even look the part as well! Find them at Holland & Barrett and Ocado.
  6. Wheaty Döner Kebab: At last, vegans can recreate that late-night kebab shop experience at home, thanks to this tempting wheat-based “meat” from Germany, which is available from health-food stores and retailers such as Suma.
  7. Make your own! Even if you don’t have time to rush out to the shops before an event or just want something that’s less processed, there are loads of great vegan barbecue recipes out there. These black-bean and sweet-corn burgers can be prepared quickly, using mostly store-cupboard ingredients.
    Veggie burger recipes for barbecue


So what are you waiting for? Get yourself down to the supermarket and turn those barbecue dreams into reality. You might even be able to convert a few meat-eaters while you’re at it! Team them up with delicious accompaniments, such as potato salad, guacamole or grilled courgettes – here are a few recipe ideas. For more vegan food inspirations, order our free starter kit:


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