Don’t Be Caught Dead This Halloween, and Win Some Gory Goodies

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Wouldn’t be caught dead in anything but the year’s hottest costume? Want to save animals? Well, you’re in luck because you can do both!

Take any costume idea (from a priest to a punk rocker) and then zombify it with a little make-up and some fake blood. Grey skin, dark eyes, a bloody lip and tattered threads are all you need to rock this look. Then print out the sign below and let everyone know that flesh is for zombies! That’s right – flesh is flesh, whether it came from a human or an animal. Eating corpses is creepy, and eating flesh means eating the corpse of a tortured, terrified victim who didn’t want to die. But also be sure to tell everyone that they can escape zombification by taking the Pledge to Be VegGet Zombie Goodies! Snap a picture of your zombie self complete with the sign below, and e-mail us for a chance to win awesome PETA prizes! The first 15 people to send us their ghoulish snaps will receive a zombie-themed pack of badges.

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  • Brien Comerford commented on October 29, 2011 at 12:24 am

    I despise Halloween. In some instances moronic sadists torture and kill innocent black cats and bats to commemorate the event.

  • Elizabeth Cawley commented on October 30, 2011 at 3:16 pm

    As a pagan (and veggie) I will be celebrating Samhain the celtic festival of the end of harvest (light part of the year) and the coming of the darker months.
    Unfortunately if people are going to be sadistic against animals they will use any day to do it. Its upsetting to me thats people use a religious festival as an excuse.
    Pagans are not devil worshippers and paganism is nothing to do with satanism (we don’t believe in heaven and hell).
    My children will be attending a spooky dinner at our home with friends before trick or treating at previously agreed homes and those with pumpkins or decorations.
    My son’s are currently Christian and my husband is an atheist.

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