John Bishop: Chicks Love a Vegetarian

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John Bishop is one of the UK’s most celebrated comedians. Hailing from Runcorn, Liverpool, the winner of the British Comedy Award is starring in a brand-new ad for PETA that reads, “Chicks Love a Vegetarian”.

John Bishop: Chicks Love a Vegetarian

As a vegetarian, John wouldn’t dream of eating a chicken. After all, most chickens aren’t as lucky as the cute little friends perched on John’s shoulder. The lighted-hearted ad has a serious message. Not only are vegetarians less prone to diabetes, cancer, heart disease and obesity than meat-eaters are, they also evade some of the risk of impotence because the artery-clogging animal fat and cholesterol in meat can slow the flow of blood to all the body’s organs – not just the heart.

Vegetarians are also, on average, thinner and healthier than meat-eaters. Judging from the ad above, it’s obvious that John is the perfect poster boy (or man!) for a fine and fit vegetarian lifestyle!

Want to be a hero to animals like John? Pledge to go veg today!

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