Owain Yeoman Thinks Fortnum & Mason are Mental for Selling Foie Gras

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Surrounded by “crime scene” hazard tape and chalk body outlines of dead geese, Welsh-born star Owain Yeoman, who plays Special Agent Wayne Rigsby in the hit Channel 5 television programme The Mentalist, led a protest against Fortnum & Mason’s continued sale of foie gras. Brandishing a sign that read, “F&M: Investigate Compassion – Ban Foie Gras”, Yeoman called for Fortnum & Mason to follow the lead of Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, who have stopped selling the horrible product under pressure from PETA. Foie gras production is so cruel that it is illegal under UK law.

“In the UK, foie gras production is literally a criminal procedure – so why is a shop that prides itself on its British heritage still selling this cruel product?” asks Yeoman. “We’re encouraging all compassionate people to shop elsewhere until Fortnum & Mason stops selling foie gras.”

Please join the long list of compassionate people – including Yeoman, Sir Roger Moore, Steven Berkoff, Jenny Seagrove, Carley Stenson, Peter Egan and the Duchess of Hamilton – who are speaking out against Fortnum & Mason’s continued sale of foie gras.


  • Sharleen commented on June 15, 2011 at 4:13 pm

    Just sent them a letter having already sent out your email. They have an interesting section in their CSR policy about foie gras, a collection of words that really give no assurances of animal welfare, because clearly that would be impossible in foie gras production!

    Let’s hope the catch up with other retailers soon.

  • ricky commented on June 15, 2011 at 8:17 pm

    i think eating any meat is cruel animals are tortured because they cant defend themselves, why dont we get tiger meat in asda? because people would get their heads bit off trying to hunt one for food! instead people go after animals they know wont fight back and cant defend themselves. a big company like F&M should be ashamed of themselves, but they dont care their making money of an animals suffering their pathetic!

  • Vic commented on December 2, 2011 at 8:04 pm

    Some companies like Tesco have taken it off their shelves here but still sell in Hungary. Why don’t they stop selling it there and use some of their massive profits to raise awareness of the cruelty of it over there instead of muttering about going against the culture.

    People can change in a culture by using the natural compassion and awareness that should be within us all

    Thank you everyone who supported this campaignxxxxxxx

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