Pamela Anderson Wants You to Love Animals, Not Eat Them

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Animal advocate Pamela Anderson was in London today posing with some friendly “animal” mascots and encouraging Londoners to choose a compassionate vegan diet.

Pamela Anderson Animals Vegan

Ahead of World Vegan Month (November), Pamela took to the streets to let people know that going vegan could help spare animals a life of pain and suffering at the hands of the meat industry. Pigs, cows, chickens, and other animals used for food are treated as nothing more than commodities, and as Pamela notes, these sensitive beings deserve a life free from exploitation.

“Eating animals is so yesterday”, she says. “Animals are wonderful individuals, full of emotion and intelligence, which is why I urge everyone to see them as I do: as friends, not food.”

Not only is a vegan diet free from cruelty, it’s also one of the best ways to help stop animal agriculture from ruining the planet. A person who follows a vegan lifestyle produces the equivalent of 50 per cent less carbon dioxide than a meat-eater and uses one-eleventh the amount of oil, one-thirteenth the amount of water, and one-eighteenth the amount of land.

Earlier this month, Pamela urged Prime Minister Theresa May to bring forward legislation banning wild-animal circuses. Now she’s asking the British public to do what they can for animals by keeping them off their plates. If you’d like to try a kind plant-based diet for yourself, request a free vegan starter kit today:


  • Mrcedz Quinlan Labelle commented on October 29, 2016 at 10:24 pm

    When I became a caregiver of a pot bellied baby pig over twenty years ago
    I realized that this baby was so human like
    That three days after her arrival I gave up eating the flesh of non human persons
    I recently published a book
    The Diary of Patooti the pig
    Where Patooti writes that her mom ( that is me ) calls piggies non human persons

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