PETA’s Own Happy Couple ‘Wed’ at Fortnum & Mason to Help Birds

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As the nation geared up for the Royal wedding, PETA joined with our friends from Animal Friends Croatia outside Fortnum & Mason to hold a wedding of a slightly different style. Our happy couple were asking customers to say “I don’t” to cruelly produced foie gras!

Fortnum & Mason continue to sell this vile product, which means horrendous suffering for the birds. They are one of the very few remaining retailers who are willing to profit from this inhumane product, one deemed by the British government too cruel to produce in the UK.

Whilst we were united in celebration for the Royal wedding, we should unite in condemnation of the violence inflicted upon the tens of millions of ducks and geese born into the foie gras industry. Please boycott Fortnum & Mason until they agree to drop foie gras, and ask family and friends to do the same.

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