‘Skinned’ People Descend On Hermès Leather Exhibition

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Body-painted to resemble “bloodied, skinned” people, three models representing PETA converged outside the opening of the “Hermès Leather Forever” exhibition at the Royal Academy of the Arts today. They held signs reading, “Hermès, Bag Cruelty: Ditch Leather”, while other PETA members handed out leaflets to passers-by and people attending the event. In addition to causing cows to suffer and die, the leather industry is toxic to the environment and a threat to human health. Unlike more progressive companies, Hermès also uses fur.

Skinned protesters outside Hermes leather exhibition

“There’s nothing remotely fashionable about dismembering cows alive and fouling the environment”, says PETA UK Manager Mimi Bekhechi. “With all the luxurious faux leather and other high-fashion fabrics available, there’s no excuse for killing animals for their skins.”

3 models skinned alive at the Hermes leather exhibition

Millions of cows and other animals whose skins will eventually be turned into leather endure the horrors of factory farming, including extreme crowding and confinement, disease and deprivation of food and water. Branding, tail-docking, dehorning and castration are all performed without any painkillers. At abattoirs, improper stunning means that many animals are skinned while they’re still conscious.

Turning animal skins into leather requires highly toxic mineral salts, formaldehyde, coal-tar derivatives and various oils, dyes and finishes – some of which are cyanide-based. Tannery runoff contains large amounts of pollutants, such as salt, lime sludge, sulphides and acids. Animals on factory farms produce 10 times as much excrement as the entire human population – without the benefit of waste-treatment plants.

Please watch Stella McCartney’s shocking exposé of the leather industry, then share it with your friends and urge them to think about whose skin they’re in.


  • stephanie smith commented on May 8, 2012 at 2:28 pm

    What we do to animals is shocking and utterly horrific, it makes me truely ashamed to be human. I do not and have never worn FUR or LEATHER and I show my discust to those that do, and try to explain to them what cruel fate an animal has had to ensure for their “fashon”. I believe an animals life and skin is theirs to keep not ours to steal. This world is for all of us, not humans to dominate like cruel discusting beings.

    Keep up the good work PETA


    Steph, 26 years old, UK

  • kelly monk commented on May 12, 2012 at 9:13 pm

    i hate the way we treat animals, its disgusting and i ashamed. i love animals and we need to do more to protect and stop cruilty to these animals

  • dawn commented on August 3, 2012 at 5:17 pm

    we as people are the cruelest on the earth and we cannot allow such cruelty to continue, why arnt the governments stopping this barbaric practice as they know what is happening and choose to turn a blind eye which is sickening to us who love animals.

  • Awes commented on January 18, 2015 at 11:11 pm

    How stupid are you people worried about cows and other animals. God made all our surrounding for human uses. The advantages we can take as human from animals are infinite and has always been the case since history records,
    Shamefull part is people go on about animals to how they are treated and all else but if you lot had half a brain you would think about other humans that are living in worst circumstances than animals. Humans are getting killed tortured butchered experimented with diseases left to starve and the list carrys on. If you lot are real humans first have feelings for the human races and use your energy towards humanity.

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