There’s Nothing Fishy About Moshi Moshi’s PETA Award

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Moshi Moshi, Brighton’s best loved sushi restaurant, has always been popular with vegans because of its many fish- and meat-free options. Now the restaurant has gone one step further and netted itself a PETA award for teaming up with ethical food firm Redwood to offer compassionate customers delicious fishless options like “fish” udon and stir-fry noodles.

Moshi Moshi’s owner says the move was prompted by the company’s firm belief in “restorative eating” and that “[o]ne way we can do this is by decreasing our reliance on animal proteins and to eat more vegetarian food. It’s why we teamed up with Redwood.” The new vegan option is proving hugely popular with vegans and non-vegans alike! Moshi Moshi will receive a framed certificate and a letter of congratulations from PETA.

Moshi Moshi Proggy Award

Fish are smart, fascinating and sensitive animals who have their own unique personalities. Scientists have shown time and time again that fish feel pain just as mammals and birds do. They suffer unspeakable horrors when they are caught in nets and dragged from the water and slowly suffocate or reared on factory fish farms where they are completely conscious while their gills are cut and then left to bleed to death. Opting for vegan sushi is also the healthiest option, too, after many health scares about the high levels of mercury found in seafood.

Get hooked on compassion by checking out the fish- and meat-free alternatives on offer by Redwood and order a free vegan starter kit for great tips and recipe ideas to help you make the transition to a fish-free vegan diet.


  • WA commented on November 12, 2013 at 9:00 am

    I agree with Wowzers, that one should not eat anything that resembles animals or meat. I know some Asians have greasy processed vegetarian food dishes that resembles meat and that is also another big turn off. Those food producers that sells food that resembles meat may have ulterior motives and may be trying to promote meat eating indirectly or they may have miss meat so much that they have to resort to deceptive tactics, ie making food look like meat to attract socalled vegetarians. I think something is not right here.

  • Wowzers commented on August 14, 2013 at 10:50 pm

    How many times do I have to tell peta that faux seafood is a cruel inhumane insult to seafood: if you don’t eat fish, you shouldn’t eat ANYTHING that resembles fish!

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