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How Do PETA Presents Help?

How Do PETA Presents Help?

PETA and the animals we help are totally dependent on the kindness and generosity of our members and supporters. Without your support, we simply would not be able to carry out the lifesaving work that we do every day.

Help Save Lives!

When you choose to send a PETA Present, you are choosing to support our lifesaving work for animals. The money raised from your gift will immediately be put to good use to fund our campaigns against individuals, companies, governments – and even other organisations – that either directly or indirectly cause animals to suffer in any way. Your support will also help PETA to mobilise activists throughout the world, educate young people about compassion towards animals, and alert people to the senselessness of animal abuse and the joys of compassionate living.

Spread the Word!

By sending your chosen card on to your loved ones, you are helping to spread the message – not just about PETA – but about the animals whose lives we work tirelessly to save.

In short, thanks to you, PETA will be able to help animals now beyond our reach and win for them important victories – including animals trapped on factory farms, in laboratories and in zoos and circuses and those whose fur and skin is used by the "fashion" industry. There's no time like the present for a PETA Present!