Lisa B Slams Heartless Designers Who Use Exotic Skins

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As a former model, Lisa B is just as accustomed to being on the catwalk as she is to sitting in the front row at fashion shows. But following shows in London, Paris and Milan, Lisa let fashionistas know there is one fashion faux pas that makes her blood run cold: the use of exotic skins.

Lisa B

To make her point, Lisa B unveiled her hard-hitting PETA ad, which features her naked body covered in what appear to be snake scales and lying in a pool of fake blood along with the tagline "Wearing Exotic Skins Kills".

Shot by renowned photographer Trevor Leighton, the ad aims to let people know that every bag, shoe or jacket made from exotic skins comes with a high price – and it's paid by animals who are torn from their jungle homes and cruelly killed.

Every year, millions of snakes, lizards, alligators and crocodiles are killed for heartless fashions. Alligators on farms are often beaten with hammers – it can sometimes take up to two hours for them to die.

The Skinny on Exotic Skins

Documentary footage shows that snakes are often skinned alive because dealers believe this practice increases the skin's suppleness. It has even been estimated that up to 90 per cent – or more – of the snakes used in fashion could be wild-caught. And according to experts, the major suspected cause of the decline in numbers of larger snake species in countries where they live is the collection of snakes for the skin trade.

Despite their dwindling populations in the wild, lizards continue to be killed in large numbers to meet the demands of the skin trade. It takes at least four lizards to make just one pair of boots, and skinning the lizards alive is preferred because of the belief that it imparts elasticity, or "give". A nail through the head holds the animals; they are then stretched out and have a knife cut into each side of their bodies so the skin can be ripped off.

"Fashion is supposed to be fun", says Lisa, "but there's nothing amusing about the hideously cruel ways in which exotic animals are killed for the fashion industry. Even if you don't think snakes or crocodiles are cute and cuddly, try to remember that they feel pain just like any other animal."

What You Can Do

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