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Sheer Misery for Sheep
Undercover investigations in Australia and the US have found that shearers beat, kicked, stamped on, threw and mutilated terrified sheep. Help these gentle animals today!

Tim Howard: Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin
Tattooed Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard speaks out for animals in new anti-fur ad!

Phil Neville: Why I Gave Meat the Red Card
Football legend Phil Neville shares how he's just scored a winning goal for his health and for animals by switching to a vegetarian diet!

The Truth About Halal Meat
No religion needs to slaughter animals for food. For anyone who's concerned about animals raised and killed for food, there is only one label that really matters:

Landmark Victory! India Ends Jallikattu, Bull Races and Bullfights
The enlightened move will end 2,000 years of torture and save a huge number of animals from being abused for entertainment in India.

Can You Bear to Listen?
If bacon and eggs could scream, this is what they would sound like.

Vivienne Westwood: Wash Cruelty Down the Plughole
The iconic British designer explains what taking long showers has to do with being an eco-warrior – and helping animals.

Be a Little Fairy for Animals!
Comedian and TV personality Alan Carr has brought his cheeky sense of humour to bear on the issue of spaying and neutering in a new ad for PETA.

The UK and Ireland's Sexiest Vegans 2014
The winners of the UK and Ireland's Sexiest Vegan of 2014 competition have been announced!

Court Rules That Sunder WILL Be Free!
In a landmark judgement, the High Court of Bombay passed an order seeking the release of abused elephant Sunder to a sanctuary.

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