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Vote for the Cutest Mutt 2010
We've narrowed down the hundreds of entrants to just 10 of the cutest mutts around, and now it's up to you to help choose which handsome hound or pretty pup will be crowned Cutest Mutt 2010.

Twiggy Asks, 'Would You Wear Your Dog?'
Iconic '60s model Twiggy poses with the beautiful Jasmine and says, "If you wouldn't wear your dog, please don't wear any fur". See the ad and read her interview with PETA.

The Pet Trade: A PETA US Undercover Investigation
View shocking video footage and images taken from a seven-month investigation into US Global Exotics (USGE). The investigation revealed abuse and neglect of animals, some of whom were destined for sale in the UK.

Adult Film Star Sasha Grey Says 'No' to Sex
Sasha Grey says, "Too Much Sex Can Be a Bad Thing," in her naked ad for PETA. Find out how Sasha's saving lives by saying "no more sex."

Pledge to Shed Exotic Skins From Your Wardrobe
Think you'd look cool in that leather jacket? How cool would you feel if you knew that you could be wearing the skin of baby goats—or even the skin of a dog?

Suzanne McCabe's "Fur? I'd Rather Go Naked" Ad
Stunning Irish model Suzanne McCabe stars in PETA's latest eye-catching ad alongside the tagline "Fur? I'd Rather Go Naked".

Keeley Hazell's New Naked Anti-Fur Ads for PETA
"Page 3" favourite Keeley Hazell has bared all for PETA and animals used for their skin in two new anti-fur ads.

Stop the 'Festival of Blood'
The annual Toro de la Vega "festival", which takes place every September in the province of Tordesillas, Spain, entails chasing a young bull through the streets of Castilla y León and stabbing him with darts and spears until he is crippled and then killed. Help stop this!

Ricky Gervais: Bearskin Caps Are Not a Laughing Matter
Ricky Gervais shot to fame with his witty role as David Brent in The Office, but now he's showing his serious side by writing to Prime Minister Gordon Brown about The Queen's Guards' bearskin caps.

Health Charities That Do and That Don't Test on Animals
If you donate to a charity, make sure that you read our list of which charities do and which charities don't spend your money to fund animal experimentation.

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