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Revealed: Experimenters' Monkey 'Factory Farm'
Thousands of monkeys are imported to the UK for experiments each year. But where do they come from, and how do they end up in British laboratories?

Army Admits to Blowing Up Live Pigs at Wiltshire Base
In three years, 115 pigs were blasted with explosives in terrifying experiments. For the sake of animals, there is no time to waste in banning these barbaric tests for good.

Victory! China Southern Airlines Stops Shipping Monkeys to Labs
After three years of campaigning by PETA international affiliates, China Southern Airlines has announced that it has banned shipments of primates to laboratories.

The Grand National: 8 Things They Don't Tell You About Horse Racing
Whatever the results of this year's race at Aintree, you can bet on one thing with confidence – horses will suffer.

PETA UK Vegan Fashion Awards 2014
Get this season's hot looks without harming a single hair on an animal's head – our stylish winners showcase the very best in beautiful, cruelty-free fashion.

Help Get Irresponsible Crufts Taken off British TV
The BBC has refused to air the Crufts dog show after revelations about ill, inbred animals winning prizes. Ask More4 to do the same.

Revealed: The Agony Behind Angora
PETA Asia's investigation into Chinese angora farms has revealed that rabbits have the fur ripped from their bodies as they scream in pain.

The Animals You Helped in 2013
It was an exciting year. Our campaigns were non-stop, and with your help, we achieved wonderful things.

Beyond Skin Vegan Shoe Competition – the Winner
Congratulations to Alice Lambert-Gorwyn, the winner of our design-a-shoe competition with ethical footwear company Beyond Skin.

5 Reasons Why Going Vegan Needs to Be Your New Year’s Resolution
Some inspiration to get you started on a cruelty-free 2014

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