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Rosanna Davison: Being Vegan Is Red Hot
The former Miss World poses as a sizzling lady in red in her new ad about the joys of being vegan.

'Humane' Meat: Don't Believe the Hype
From cruelty exposed on supposedly "high-welfare" farms to the ultimate bloodshed of the abattoir — look beyond the label, and you'll realise that there's no such thing as humane meat.

Glasgow Named Most Vegan-Friendly City
Glaswegians should be proud that their hometown is on the cutting edge of healthy cuisine that is Earth- and animal-friendly!

End the Unnecessary Cruelty of Pigeon Racing
PETA US exposé: hundreds of thousands of pigeons face horrible deaths during cruel races.

Man Meat: Increase Your Sexual Stamina – Go Vegan
Gyrating fruit and veggies take the spotlight in new PETA video for World Vegan Day.

Ditching Fur Is Good for the Soul
Singer and Strictly Come Dancing star Dionne Bromfield is known for her powerful, soulful voice – and now she's using it to speak up for animals!

PETA Supports Team Badger
Badgers across England are currently being threatened: a planned cull will begin soon unless we can convince the government to stop the slaughter.

48 Coffins for 48 Bulls
In a powerful protest, opponents of bullfighting paid tribute to the animals who are massacred each year after the barbaric Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

Emily Deschanel: Ditch Dairy!
Watch Bones leading lady Emily Deschanel's exclusive anti-dairy video, in which she exposes the abuse that cows endure in the cruel dairy industry.

Rylan Clark: Say No to Fur
In his revealing new ad, the TV star explains why he is fur-free and proud.

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