New Photos Reveal Ropes, Sharp Hooks and Electric Prods Used to Train Ringling Elephants

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An elephant is being trained to lie down.

Every year, moms and dads take their kids to Ringling Bros circus for a little "family fun", but what they don't know is how baby elephants are cruelly tied up and electro-shocked in order to force them to learn how to perform tricks.

Parents never see what goes on behind the scenes at Ringling's breeding centre, where frightened and still-nursing baby elephants are captured rodeo-style, tethered neck-to-neck with an "anchor elephant" and dragged away from their mothers. Mums and dads are oblivious to the year-long intense and violent training sessions that last for several hours a day. They never hear the screams and cries or see the futile and frantic struggling as baby elephants are wrestled, stretched out, slammed to the ground, gouged with bullhooks and shocked with electric prods.

PETA US has acquired shocking photos from a former Ringling trainer that show frightened baby elephants at Ringling's breeding centre undergoing barbaric training methods used to make them perform in the circus.

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Please e-mail these photos to everyone you know and ask them never to go to a circus that uses animals. If you're on one of the sites below, just click on the links to share the photos now:

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And please remember, if you attend a Ringling circus – or any circuses that use animals – you are supporting this suffering. Please, stay away from circuses that use animals.

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