Owain Yeoman's 'Save the Seals' Ad

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Owain Yeoman, the dashing star of Channel Five's hit drama The Mentalist, was one of the first celebs to agree to take part in PETA's "Save the Seals" ad series, the second of PETA's campaigns to feature Owain.

After learning about the slaughter of these gentle baby animals, Owain and his wife, fellow actor Lucy Davis, jumped at the chance to get involved.

Owain Yeoman's 'Save the Seals' PETA Ad

Owain Yeoman's "Save the Seals" ad for PETA

Owain joins an ever-growing list of compassionate people from around the globe who are outraged that the Canadian government allows this annual massacre on ice to continue.

Help Stop the Canadian Seal Slaughter. Take Action Now.
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