Sir Roger Moore's Latest Film

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Sir Roger Moore has teamed up with PETA once again to produce his latest film outing – an exposá of the cruel treatment suffered by ducks and geese in the foie gras industry.

Why is Sir Roger crying fowl over foie gras? Ducks and geese who are raised for foie gras are abused in ways so cruel and grotesque that its production is banned in the UK and many other countries. Foie gras (French for "fatty liver") is produced by ramming pipes down the throats of ducks and geese and pumping vast quantities of grain mash directly into their tiny stomachs until their livers become painfully diseased and enlarged. In some cases, the animals' stomachs split open, and the birds painfully bleed to death.

Those who survive this terrible treatment are later killed, and their diseased livers – swelled to up to 10 times their normal size – are sold as foie gras. Even though foie gras has been deemed too cruel for production in the UK, it is still legal to sell it here.

Investigations into foie gras farms in Europe and the US have all revealed the same thing: sick, dying or dead animals – some with serious injuries from having the force-feeding pipe rammed so violently down their throat that it ripped a hole in their neck. An Animal Protection and Rescue League investigation found that ducks on one foie gras farm had bloody beaks, and their wings were twisted together.

PETA is pushing forward in our campaign to end the misery of ducks and geese who suffer so greatly for this "torture in a tin". Although we are achieving victories, millions of birds are still crammed into tiny pens or cages, suffering the horror of being force-fed via a tube shoved down their gullets several times a day. To help us help them and other animals who are suffering, please make a donation today.

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