Health Charities: Are They Spending Your Money on Animal Testing?

Some health charities ask for donations to help people with diseases and disabilities yet spend the money to bankroll shocking experiments on dogs, rabbits, rats, mice, primates, hamsters, pigs, ferrets, frogs, fish, guinea pigs, sheep, birds and other animals. While human health cries out for attention and so many people around the world go without medical care, animal experimentation only drains money from relevant and effective projects that aim to save lives.

Cute Rodent

Healing Without Hurting

Instead of pillaging animals’ bodies hoping for cures for human diseases, enlightened charities focus their research where the best hope of treatment lies: with humans.
They realise that animal experiments are unnecessary, unreliable and sometimes dangerously misleading. Enormous variations exist between rats, rabbits, dogs, pigs and human beings, and meaningful scientific conclusions cannot be drawn about one species by studying another. What is desperately needed is information about the mechanisms of disease in human beings themselves. Non-animal methods using the best modern techniques provide the relevant, accurate information that is essential to making real progress in the fight against disease.

Enlightened, modern charities fund only non-animal research, helping human beings without starving, crippling, burning, poisoning or cutting open animals.

Medical Research Without Animals

There are a number of charities that actively support research but don’t use animals. They finance scientists who are developing non-animal research methods that will produce better and more relevant results. By supporting these charities, we can help humans and other animals. For a list of these charities, please contact us.

Health Charities That Don’t Test on Animals

Many charities delivering help to ill people and conducting research to seek effective cures don’t conduct any research on animals. If you would like a list of charities that don’t test on animals or advice about charities in a certain field, please contact us.

Remember that charities providing assistance to people in the developing world usually do not conduct animal testing and often help people suffering from medical problems for which treatments already exist. Please ensure that your gift does not lead to animal suffering in other ways, such as “send a cow” schemes, which can lead to poor animal welfare, environmental destruction and additional financial burdens for poor people.

Health Charities That Do Test on Animals

Some charities continue to test on animals. Even if they are conducting valuable work in other fields, it is usually not possible to specify how your donation will be used. In those circumstances, it is best to donate to a charity that doesn’t use animals at all. Before giving money to a health-research charity that isn’t approved by PETA, we recommend that you investigate their current policy on animal testing (policies can change, which is why a response from the charity itself is the most certain way to find out). Some charities will have that information on their websites, but you may need to contact others directly. If the charity does test on animals, please let them know that you will be donating your money to one which invests all its resources in effective, humane non-animal research instead.

Large charities that still conduct or commission research on animals as of April 2008 include the following:

Action Research
Alzheimer’s Society
Arthritis Research Campaign
Association for International Cancer Research
Brain Research Trust
Breakthrough Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer Campaign (including Wear It Pink)
British Heart Foundation
British Lung Foundation
Brittle Bone Society
Cancer Prevention Research Trust
Cancer Research UK
Children’s Nationwide Medical Research Fund
Children With Leukaemia
Cystic Fibrosis Research Trust
Defeating Deafness
Diabetes UK
Digestive Disorders Foundation
Epilepsy Research Foundation
Jeans for Genes
Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research
Marie Curie Cancer Care
ME Association
Migraine Trust
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Great Britain
Muscular Dystrophy Campaign
National Asthma Campaign
National Heart Research Fund
National Kidney Research Fund
National Society for Colitis and Crohn’s Disease
Parkinson’s Disease Society of the UK
Research Into Aging
Spinal Research
Wellcome Trust
World Cancer Research Fund

If you can, please let us know of any replies you receive from charities about their animal testing policy so that we can keep our records as up to date as possible.