Brighton Girl Receives PETA Awards For Creating Website To Defend Animals

Brighton – In recognition of her efforts to help animals, including creating a website that focuses on cosmetics testing on animals and other issues, Brighton resident Maia Page-Rubio will receive PETA’s Compassionate Kid Award. Maia will also receive a bejewelled PETA T-shirt in time for her 13th birthday today.

“Young people are leading the charge for animal rights around the world, and Maia is a great example of that”, says PETA UK Associate Director Mimi Bekhechi, who notes that Maia is also vegetarian and has persuaded several of her friends to follow suit. “Her compassion for animals and her determination to create a better world for them is a wonderful example for other kids – and adults – to follow.”

Maia’s website teems with information that makes the case for animal rights easy to understand and hard to ignore. Her current focus is on the cruel practice of maiming and killing animals in cosmetics testing, and she has even made her own list of the top 10 cruelty-free (no animal testing and no animal ingredients) beauty companies.

A complete ban on the use of animals for cosmetics testing has been in place in the EU since 2009, but products containing ingredients tested outside the EU can still be sold within its borders. That situation is scheduled to end in 2013, when a full sales ban comes in to force throughout the EU. The rats, mice, rabbits and other animals used in cosmetics tests are confined to tiny cages and never know what a normal life might be like. Rats and mice are forced to swallow cosmetics ingredients continually for months, even while pregnant, to see whether they develop painful tumours or their babies suffer birth defects – even though the results of animal tests are unreliable or not applicable to humans.

For more information and to urge the European Commission not to delay the 2013 ban on sales of cosmetics tested on animals, please visit