Bears urgently need you to sign. There is no valid justification for the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to continue to fund the slaughter of bears for the Queen’s Guard’s caps when there is an indistinguishable faux fur available.

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We need 100,000 of you to sign the petition to ensure this issue is debated in Parliament.

Bears Are Killed for the Queen’s Guard’s Caps

To make the caps worn by the Queen’s Guard, bears are typically shot. Many of them do not die outright and may suffer for days before succumbing to their wounds. It takes one bear to make a single cap.

For nearly two centuries, the MoD has waged war on black bears while doing nothing to further the search for materials to replace the use of their skins.

Is the MoD Taking You for a Fool?

One of the most sophisticated military operations in the world would have you believe there is no alternative to slaughtering bears to make ceremonial caps.

But it’s not true! PETA and luxury faux furrier ECOPEL have created the world’s first faux bear fur that is virtually indistinguishable from the real bearskins.

An MoD-copyrighted test has confirmed the faux fur is 100% waterproof. There’s no reason why the cruelly produced bearskin caps cannot be replaced with this viable option that’s fit for the 21st century.

Are You Paying for Bear Slaughter?

Each cap costs an astounding £1,710. More than £1 million of UK taxpayers’ money has been spent on these caps in the past seven years, despite the fact that they serve no military purpose and 95% of people in the UK object to killing animals for fur.

Meanwhile, ECOPEL has offered to supply the MoD with unlimited free faux bear fur until 2030.

Bears Urgently Need 100,000 of You to Act

This issue needs to be debated in Parliament, which will only happen if we get 100,000 signatures.

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