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Here are just a few of the high-profile people who have expressed their disgust with Fortnum & Mason for continuing to sell foie gras.

  • Sir Roger Moore

    “If Fortnum & Mason wants to continue to trade on its ‘Britishness’ and high standards, it should … stop paying French farmers to force-feed geese for foie gras.”

  • Ralph Fiennes

    “A product that causes so much suffering that it’s illegal to produce in the UK should not be sold in an iconic British department store.”

  • Pamela Anderson

    “I’m stunned that Fortnum & Mason sells a product that involves one of the cruellest practices in the world.”

  • Emma Parker Bowles

    “There is no justification for this cruelty, nor is there anything ‘British’ about foie gras.”

  • Dame Vera Lynn

    “For a department store with such a proud British heritage, it made me sad that you would wish to tarnish it by associating yourself with the force-feeding of animals.”

  • Ricky Gervais

    “It is upsetting that the trading of this food simply keeps the high demand for this unnecessary torture.”

  • Zac Goldsmith, MP

    “Traditional ‘la gavage’ foie gras production is banned in the UK and a number of other leading stores such as Selfridges and Harvey Nicols have withdrawn it from sale. I urge you to follow their example … by removing it from Fortnum and Mason’s shelves.”