Help Animals and the Environment – Urge Airlines to Offer Vegan Food


Are you fed up with surviving on crisps and pretzels on flights? It’s time that all airlines moved with the times and caught up with the thousands of restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, train companies, and even ferry operators that now have vegan options.

Urge Airlines to Offer Vegan Food

Ryanair and easyJet are leading the way, but most airlines have poor availability of vegan options on their short-haul flights. Every vegan meal sold instead of one containing meat, dairy, or eggs will help combat climate change – by reducing the greenhouse-gas emissions associated with flying – and spare animals needless suffering and an agonising death.

How You Can Help

Please tweet as many airlines as possible using the templates below. Or write your own messages and send the companies pics of the delicious vegan food you’d like them to offer!

Aer Lingus

Hey, @AerLingus, have a heart for animals and our planet: offer #vegan options, please! #VeganiseYourMenu ☘🐮🐷

Tweet Aer Lingus


Eastern Airways
We’re so hungry, @EasternAirways! Please add #vegan snacks, cakes, and drinks. ✈🌱 #VeganiseYourMenu

Tweet Eastern Airways


Virgin Atlantic
Add #vegan food to the menu, @VirginAtlantic, to help animals and the planet – not to mention all the hungry vegans on your flights. #VeganiseYourMenu ✈🌱

Tweet Virgin Atlantic


One More Thing

You can do one more thing to help nudge these airlines in the right direction – please share this page with your friends and family, asking them to tweet the companies, too. Let’s fill up these brands’ social media feeds with requests for delicious vegan options: