Take to Twitter: Tell Companies Sponsoring the Grand National to Stop

The Grand National is a national disgrace. By withdrawing their financial support, companies can help end the shameful spectacle.

The races will begin on Saturday, 9 April, and companies are still sponsoring this shameful spectacle.

Here’s Why Companies Should Withdraw Financial Support

Twenty-nine horses have died as a result of racing at the Grand National meeting since 2010, and countless others have been injured.

At Becher’s Brook, aptly nicknamed the “killer fence”, horses have slammed face-first into the ground and collided with each other, breaking necks, backs, and legs.

Horses who can’t run fast enough are often discarded like used betting slips. Many are dumped at rescue charities, shot at stables, or sold for slaughter. Five hundred horses connected to the English racing industry are sent to the abattoir each year.

How to Urge Companies to Take Action

Speak out for horses using the power of social media. Use the buttons below to send a pre-written tweet letting each company know that the Grand National is a national disgrace:



In the racing industry, horses fall, are injured, and die in traumatic ways – a stomach-churning mess of tangled legs, fractured bones, and broken spines. @MarshGlobal, become a global leader in compassion and stop sponsoring the #GrandNational! #GrandNationalDisgrace

Tweet Marsh


Molson Coors

Horse racing cruelty is nothing to toast, @MolsonCoors. The vile industry kills about 200 horses every year on British racecourses. I’ll only raise a glass when you stop sponsoring the #GrandNational! #GrandNationalDisgrace

Tweet Molson Coors


Randox Health

Please extend your dedication to health to horses abused by the racing industry, too, @RandoxOfficial. On racecourses, horses often sustain horrific, deadly injuries. It’s time to stop sponsoring the #GrandNational! #GrandNationalDisgrace

Tweet Randox Health


Pinsent Masons

Why are you still sponsoring the #GrandNational, @Pinsent_Masons? The horse racing industry kills about 200 horses every year in the UK. It’s beyond cruel. Please take action and end your #GrandNational sponsorship! #GrandNationalDisgrace
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EFT Systems

It’s so disappointing to see @EFTGroupLtd sponsoring the #GrandNational. The opportunity to wear a fancy hat doesn’t erase the cruelty of horse racing, which kills 200 horses a year in the UK. End your #GrandNational sponsorship! #GrandNationalDisgrace

Tweet EFT Systems



Take Action via E-Mail

You can send the companies an e-mail instead if you’re not a social media user – or do both if you are!