Burger King’S ‘Flame’ Scent Sparks PETA Parody Perfume, ‘Gore’

For Immediate Release:
16 June 2009

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London – Inspired by the debut of Burger King’s Whopper-scented cologne, Flame (which is supported by an ad campaign featuring Britain’s Got Talent host Piers Morgan), People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Europe has developed GORE, a scent that “awakens the senses, including the conscience” and promises to bring out the wearer’s “animal instinks“. PETA says GORE is more authentic or “closer to the bone” than Flame because it evokes the actual aroma of rotting flesh. Each vial contains a floating, glow-in-the-dark “maggot” as a reminder of who else is attracted to dead bodies.

PETA is incensed that the fast-food chain is making light of a life-and-death issue. Cows killed for fast-food burgers are often castrated, sometimes without anaesthetics. They are fed a diet of drugs and are often transported to slaughter in all weather extremes without access to food or water. At slaughterhouses in the UK, many are improperly stunned before their throats are cut and they bleed to death.

“PETA’s GORE perfume is so intense that it might open people’s eyes to the suffering of animals – and even bring a tear to the wearer”, says PETA’s Poorva Joshipura. “If the picture of a dead cow on the package doesn’t jolt you into remembering what dead meat is all about, maybe the stench of guts will.”

For more information about PETA Europe, please visit PETA.org.uk.