Don’T Be A Fatkins !’ Naughty Nurses Warn

PETA’s Cheeky Nurses Hand out ‘Emergency Vegetarian Starter Kits’

For Immediate Release:
18 February 2004

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London – Flanking a ‘cadaver’ on a hospital gurney under a  banner reading ‘Don’t Be a FATKINS Victim – Go Vegetarian’, a bevy of PETA ‘nurses’ will be in Piccadilly Circus today, outside Boots (retailers of Atkins products) warning the populace to stay away from unhealthy, ‘quick fix’, low-carb, high-protein diets like the Atkins diet and handing out ‘emergency Vegetarian Starter Kits’.

Date:  Wednesday, 18 February
Time:  12 noon sharp
Place: Boots (Piccadilly Circus), 44 Regent Street

Recent reports indicate that Dr. Atkins weighed a whopping 18 stone at the time of his death and suffered from heart disease, bringing his high-protein diet regime under renewed criticism. Many healthcare professionals have warned of the dangers associated with Atkins-type diets, high in saturated animal fats and cholesterol. The link between cholesterol – which is only found in animal products – and heart disease is well established.

A low-fat, pure vegetarian diet is a clinically proven to actually reverse the effects of heart disease. Additionally, vegetarians and vegans have, on average, a lower body mass index than meat-eaters, and studies have shown the longer you avoid meat and dairy products, the less likely you will suffer from obesity and the health problems associated with it.

‘You can’t go wrong with vegetables!’, says PETA Europe campaigner Andrew Butler. ‘Kicking the meat habit trims your waistline, lowers your cholesterol and keeps you alive longer!’

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