PETA’S ‘Foxy Lady’ Bares Her Skin To Save Animals’ Skins

For Immediate Release:
11 February 2003

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Utrecht – Wearing nothing but body paint to resemble a fox and holding a sign reading, ‘Have A Heart—Don’t Wear Fur’, sexy Danish nude model Kira Eggers will crouch in a tiny cage to mimic the miserable conditions for animals on fur farms. The ‘Foxy Lady’ wants shoppers seeking gifts for their sweethearts on Valentine’s Day to know that giving fur or fur-trimmed clothing as gifts means a death sentence for animals.

Date: Thursday, 13 February
Time: Noon sharp
Place: Oudegracht 141, outside of Laura Ashley Woninginrichting

Fur-bearing animals are trapped, drowned or beaten to death in the wild and gassed, strangled or electrocuted on fur farms. On fur farms worldwide, animals are confined year-round to crowded, filthy cages, often with little protection from the elements. Many exhibit symptoms of psychological distress, such as self-mutilation, pacing and endless circling.

‘I’m baring my skin to save animals’ skins’, says Eggers, a lifelong animal lover who studied to be a veterinarian before embarking on a career as an international nude model and actress. ‘I can leave this cage at any time, but the only time animals on fur farms leave their cages is when they are killed or die from neglect.’

Although the number of people in Holland who buy fur is down by 90 per cent since the mid-1980s, the country trails only Denmark and Finland in farmed-fur production, accounting for 2.6 million mink skins per year.

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