Stoke Newington Woman Will Pose As Topless ‘Mermaid’ To Promote Pro-Fish Message On Plinth For Antony Gormley

For Immediate Release:
7 July 2009

Sam Glover 020 7357 9229, ext 229; [email protected]

Stoke Newington – As part of the One & Other project, in which artist Antony Gormley gives members of the public an opportunity to stand on a plinth in Trafalgar Square for one hour wearing and doing whatever they like, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Europe supporter and Stoke Newington resident Natalie Simpson will dress as a mermaid and go topless on Wednesday, 29 July, to encourage people not to eat fish. Simpson, 34, who lives near Clissold Park, will sit atop a net surrounded by an ocean scene and toy sea creatures while blowing bubbles and holding a sign reading, “Try to Relate to Who Is on Your Plate – Go Veg”.

Simpson and PETA hope that the display will help people understand that fish are intelligent, sensitive animals who experience fear and distress when they are hooked or netted and pulled from the water. Scientific studies confirm that fish are sensitive individuals who feel pain, just as dogs and cats do. A recent issue of the journal Fish and Fisheries cited more than 500 research papers on fish intelligence proving that fish are smart, can use tools and have impressive long-term memories and sophisticated social structures.

Not only do people who adopt a vegetarian diet help fish, they also protect other animals – including humans. On factory farms, animals used for food are routinely mutilated without any painkillers and confined to filthy, extremely crowded spaces for their entire lives. At the slaughterhouse, animals often have their throats cut while they are still conscious. Animal agriculture also contributes to environmental problems, and animal products raise consumers’ risk for diabetes, certain types of cancer, heart disease and other conditions.

“We’re proud of Natalie for daring to show a little skin in order to save the hides of many other thinking, feeling beings”, says PETA Europe Director Robbie LeBlanc. “Of course, she’s just one of the growing number of people who take a stand on principle every day by leaving fish and other animals off their plates.”

Natalie is available for interviews and to show off her mermaid outfit on evenings and weekends. To arrange an interview or a photo call with Natalie, please contact Sam Glover on 020 7357 9229, extension 229, or at [email protected].

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