PETA UK Vegan Fashion Awards 2013

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From the catwalk to the high street, the range of cruelty-free clothing available right now is truly exciting. The writing's on the wall: ethical wardrobes have gone mainstream. More and more fashion lovers want to know that their beautiful outfit doesn't conceal an ugly secret — the cruel abuse and slaughter of animals.

This year, we've teamed up with celebrity designers Sadie Frost and Meg Mathews to launch our first-ever PETA UK Fashion Awards to celebrate some of the best cruelty-free creations on the market. The winners show just how easy it is to get the look of leather, fur, wool, silk, down and exotic skins without harming a hair on an animal's head.

So drum roll, please, while we announce this year's winners!!!

Vivienne Westwood Derby Bag Most Stylish Handbag:
Vivienne Westwood Derby Bag (£500)

This iconic tartan bag is the perfect addition to any kind person's wardrobe — after all, leather handbags are so over. A long-time vegetarian, designer Dame Vivienne swore off fur in 2007 after learning how animals are trapped and killed in the fur industry — she even donated her remaining fur items to PETA!

Ted Baker Non-Leather Holdall Most Stylish Men's Bag:
Ted Baker Non-Leather Holdall (£139)

Real men are kind to animals. This practical and stylish "man bag" from Ted Baker combines classic design with ethical, vegan materials — what's not to love?!

Stella McCartney Faux-Python Pumps Most Stylish Women's Shoes:
Stella McCartney Faux-Python Pumps (£425)

No animals were harmed in the making of these show-stopping faux-python shoes from Stella — a designer who, with her commitment to using "fabrics that don't bleed", is at the forefront of compassionate fashion.

H&M Imitation Suede Boots Most Stylish Men's Shoes:
H&M Imitation Suede Boots (£29.99)

With pleather and micro-suede shoes readily available on the high street, conscientious shoppers are now spoilt for choice! We just loved these great-looking boots from H&M that nabbed the top spot.

New Look Pleather Jacket Most Stylish Women's Outerwear:
New Look Pleather Jacket(£34.99)

Fast fashion meets compassion: if you're into biker chic, now you can get the look without the guilt, thanks to this edgy faux-leather creation from New Look. It's a steal, too, with its affordable high-street price tag.

Burton Pea Coat Most Stylish Men's Outerwear:
Burton Pea Coat (£60)

Throw out your outmoded wool togs and instead keep warm with this smart and timeless pea coat from Burton. The only difference you'll notice is your lighter conscience.

Topshop Jumper Most Stylish Women's Knitwear:
Topshop Jumper (£34)

Topshop's texture-tastic cream and lime jumper pays tribute to the neon trend — and to animals, since it's free from wool, silk and other products of cruelty.

All Saints Jumper Most Stylish Men's Knitwear:
All Saints Jumper (£75)

We love the subtle camouflage stitching on this All Saints crew sweater. But what makes it a real winner is its lightweight animal-free fabric. Remember: ladies love a compassionate man.

Adidas by Stella McCartney Most Stylish Sneakers:
Adidas by Stella McCartney (£150)

In these gorgeous lemon-coloured tennis shoes, you'll be taking game, set and match in animal-friendly style. Yet another vegan pleaser from British Fashion Designer of the Year, Stella.

French Connection Snake iPad Sleeve Most Stylish Gadget Accessory:
French Connection Snake iPad Sleeve (£45)

Cheer yourself up with this colourful iPad sleeve, and cheer up reptiles at the same time — because the bright pink "snakeskin" on this cute accessory is fake!

Floozie by Frost French Zip-Around Purse Most Stylish Purse:
Floozie by Frost French Zip-Around Purse (£25)

Keep your cash pretty with this elegant leather-look purse. With its delicate retro detailing and cruelty-free credentials, this super-cute item will add a touch of class to any handbag.

River Island Embossed Wallet Most Stylish Wallet:
River Island Embossed Wallet (£15)

Classic, affordable, vegan: you can't go wrong with this functional and unfussy foldover wallet from River Island.

Bo Carter Most Talented New Designer:
Bo Carter

Up-and-coming designer Bo Carter is part of a bright new wave of fashion talent who are shunning animal skins in their work. Bo always puts her principles first, so instead of bowing to industry pressure to use leather and fur, she expresses herself by creatively exploring the qualities of synthetic fabrics. The results are simply stunning: beautiful, original (and completely vegan) clothes.


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The PETA UK Fashion Awards highlight designs and brands that lead the way with accessible and chic animal-friendly fashions. Learn more about the reality of leather, fur, silk, down and exotic skins, then order PETA's vegetarian/vegan starter kit to kick off your compassionate lifestyle.