Work for PETA

It takes a lot of dedicated people to end animal suffering!

Whether you’re up for organising an eye-catching street demonstration, adept at keeping a whole project on budget, interested in the latest developments in nanotechnology, or skilled at raising funds to make our work possible, there might just be a place for you at PETA. It takes a variety of talents and backgrounds to help animals, and the staff at PETA apply their expertise while maintaining a fun and energetic working environment. Could there be a role here for you?

PETA UK Positions

  • If you’re interested in any of the advertised PETA positions, please apply directly via the link provided for each job vacancy by completing the application form and submitting a CV and cover letter. Applications without a cover letter will not be considered. There are no closing dates on our positions; they will remain open until the very best person is found.

    If you would like to work for PETA but don’t see a vacancy that matches your skills, please feel free to submit your CV via e-mail to [email protected]. Your CV will be held on file for 12 months, in accordance with our Data Retention Policy, which can be found here, and we will be in touch if a suitable position comes up. You can read our full privacy policy here.

    Unfortunately, because we receive a high number of applications, it may not be possible to respond to all candidates.

    International Opportunities

    PETA entities around the world are hiring, too. Check out available roles at other PETA entities here.

    A Proud Equal Opportunities Employer

    As an organisation dedicated to ridding the world of prejudice towards any living, feeling being, PETA has a strong history of actively supporting many other social justice movements, including the women’s rights movement, the fight against racial discrimination, and the LGBTQI+ rights and pride movements. 

    PETA is committed to creating an inclusive work environment in which diversity is valued and there is equality of opportunity. We particularly welcome applications from individuals of traditionally under-represented communities and backgrounds.