1. Ask TUI to Stop Supporting Orca Abuse

At SeaWorld, orcas live in cramped concrete tanks and are denied the opportunity to swim long distances with a pod or do anything else that’s natural and important to them. It’s time that TUI followed in the footsteps of STA Travel and Thomas Cook by severing ties with the marine abusement park.

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2. Urge Forever 21 to Drop Wool

New eyewitness investigations have revealed that in Australia, sheep continue to be mutilated in assembly-line fashion in the wool trade. Forever 21 sells an extensive range of wool products – supporting this cruel industry – and it needs to stop.

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3. Help Spare Cows in Ireland a Voyage of Despair

Back in 2016, Ireland struck a live-export deal with Turkey – and as a result, over 30,000 cows were forced to make the long, harrowing journey from Ireland to Turkey in 2017, sometimes in temperatures of up to 41.5 degrees. Exhaustion, dehydration, and death are common during these trips. In 2018, almost 13,000 cows made the same voyage, and as EU live exports are expected to stabilise in 2019, this number could increase next year.

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4. Call on the UK Government to Commit to Ending All Experiments on Animals

To ensure that the UK is not left behind after Brexit – in either animal-welfare standards or scientific innovation – the government must commit to the EU’s final goal of fully replacing the use of animals in scientific procedures. To do so, it must redirect funding away from unreliable and unethical tests on animals and instead invest in superior, non-animal methods.

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5. Help the Donkeys of Santorini

On the Greek island of Santorini, approximately 100 donkeys and mules used for tourist rides are forced to endure horrific conditions every day. They carry heavy loads, are given practically no respite from the hot Mediterranean sun, and are even denied access to water. They also incur wounds and abrasions from ill-fitting and worn-out saddles.

Scroll down to call on the Mayor of Santorini and the Greek Minister of Tourism to end these cruel rides.

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