Before their skin reaches shop shelves, animals endure a life of misery, pain, and fear – and many are skinned alive.

PETA has repeatedly exposed the horrors within the exotic-skins industry. Thousands of snakes are cruelly confined and then bashed on the head with hammers and impaled with hooks while still moving. Lizards are tied up and beheaded without being stunned. Workers slit ostriches’ throats just for Birkin bags – the birds must wait in line as their friends are slaughtered one by one. In a PETA exposé of the exotic-skins industry, a worker employed a crude “nape stab” method to kill a crocodile, attempting to sever the spinal cord and likely causing extreme pain and a slow, agonising death. The animal’s legs continued to move for at least 23 minutes.

These are just some examples of the cruelty inherent in the exotic-skins industry. Every bag, belt, or other item made from the skin of an animal is the product of horrific abuse. Please never wear or buy exotic skins.

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Brands such as Gucci, Saint Laurent, and LVMH have been linked to PETA’s exposés. Please tell them all to drop exotic skins now.

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How Gucci Bags and Belts Are Made: Workers Decapitate Lizards

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