Traders Beat, Whipped, and Paraded Horses in Front of Roaring Crowds

Additionally, major horse dealers organise yearly markets nationwide where they sell hundreds of horses. As these markets are rarely officially audited, traders often inflict violence on the horses to force them to demonstrate their strength – all in a bid to achieve the highest possible profit.

Many Horses' Bodies Were Covered With Hives and Open Wounds

PETA Germany eyewitnesses saw traders whipping and beating horses. Many animals’ bodies were covered with hives and open wounds. Traders forced the horses to pull large, heavy tree trunks. Some even sat on the trunks to add extra weight, pushing already exhausted animals to their limits.

Traders Forced Horses to Drag Heavy Boulders

Traders were seen forcing horses to pull boulders at Berevoieşti market, known for its barbaric spectacles. Exhausted horses collapsed on the ground, yet traders whipped them, forcing them to get back up and continue dragging the boulders. Traders also pulled their tails to increase the resistance and whipped them at every step.

A Horse Was Found Dumped in the River

While visiting a horse market in Mihăeşti, PETA Germany eyewitnesses saw a horse in a nearby river who could not move. The terrified animal’s legs were bound with rope – he was trapped.

What You Can Do for Horses

This investigative footage will be used in criminal proceedings against the perpetrators. In the meantime, please help horses by signing the petition to end cruel horse markets in Romania.