1. Urge Nepal to Ban Elephant 'Joyrides'

Elephants forced to give tourist rides are torn away from their mothers and physically and psychologically abused.

Urge the President of Nepal to ban elephant rides.

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2. Help the Elephants Beaten Into Giving Tourist Rides in India

Trainers beat elephants with weapons and traumatise these gentle giants with a life of violence, routine chaining, exhausting work, untreated injuries, malnourishment, and dehydration.

Urge the Indian Minister of Tourism to put an end to this abuse.

3. Help the Donkeys of Santorini

On the Greek island of Santorini, donkeys and mules are forced to transport tourists up and down more than 500 steps – multiple times a day, every single day. Handlers deny them water and shade and beat them with sticks and whips.

 Call on the Greek Minister of Tourism and the Mayor of Santorini to end cruel donkey rides.

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4. Call For a Ban on Horse-Drawn Carriages in Mallorca

Dozens of horses are forced to pull heavy tourist carriages through the busy streets of Mallorca’s towns. Many collapse from exhaustion – especially in the summer, when temperatures regularly reach 40 degrees.

 Please urge Mallorca’s mayors to ban horse-drawn carriages.

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5. Horses Abused in Egypt While Officials Do Nothing

PETA Asia investigations at Egypt’s top tourist sites have documented the appalling abuse of horses forced to haul carriages (also called caleches) full of tourists in blistering heat without shade, food, or water.

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There are multiple opportunities to help. As soon as you’ve taken one action below, another will appear automatically in its place. Please add your name to all four of them.

Please also share this page with your friends, family, and social media followers. Encourage them to join you in helping to stop cruel rides.

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Cruel Training of Nepal Elephants Exposed

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More Ways to Help

  • Please, never ride an elephant, a horse, a donkey, a camel, or any other animal at a tourist attraction.
  • When you book a holiday, ask your tour company and hotel whether they promote such activities. If they do, explain why they should stop.
  • Tell all your friends why riding animals for entertainment is wrong. Share PETA’s information and resources with them.
  • Join PETA’s Action Team to be the first to learn about new urgent actions.