PETA Asia’s latest investigation in Egypt has revealed horrific abuse of horses and camels who are forced to haul visitors on their backs or in carriages at top tourist sites in the blistering heat. The animals are often denied access to food, water, and shade. At the notorious Birqash Camel Market, which supplies camels for rides at some of the tourist spots, animals were observed being severely beaten with sticks.

As PETA Asia’s investigative footage shows, visitors who choose to ride these animals are directly supporting an industry that causes them pain and misery.


Sweltering Heat

Animals at these sites are compelled to wait for the next paying customer in the scorching sun without access to food, water, or shade.

They aren’t given any breaks and are beaten and whipped into giving rides in the heat, even as their knees buckle and they collapse.

Beaten Until They Drop

Handlers viciously beat animals who are simply too exhausted to go on. Workers in Giza were seen striking a horse who had collapsed while hauling a tourist in a carriage. They kept beating her until she finally managed to get back up. Eyewitnesses reported that she was quickly put back to work even though she had been severely injured by the fall.

Eyewitnesses also observed camels screaming as they were viciously beaten with sticks by men and children at the Birqash Camel Market before being sold to the tourism industry. Some are even sold for meat.

Injured, Bleeding, and in Pain

Many horses used for rides in Giza and Luxor were seen with painful, bloody wounds, yet they were still being required to cart tourists around.

Many of the animals’ faces were bloody, and some were emaciated, their ribs visible through their skin. Despite their condition, they were repeatedly yanked and whipped by handlers.

Exhausted Animals Are Slaughtered for Meat

Once the camels sold at the Birqash market are no longer able to give rides around the Giza and Saqqara pyramids, they’re returned to the market to be sent for slaughter.

Take Action Now

  • Tourists who pay to ride these animals or take horse-drawn carriage rides are keeping these operations in business. If you’re planning to visit Egypt, please don’t take part in these activities. When you book your trip, ask your tour company and hotel whether they promote these rides. If they do, explain why they should stop doing so.
  • Animals are living, feeling beings, who suffer when forced to give rides. Please urge Egypt’s Minister of Tourism to end this abuse by banning the use of animals at these sites.

Take Action Now

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