Sentient and intelligent animals are hunted all over the world for entertainment, trophies, or for their skin or flesh.

Hunting is a barbaric pastime that should be left in the past. Will you take action to help stop the hunting of wolves, whales, dolphins, and other animals?

Take action below and speak out against the following atrocities:

  • Finland’s majestic wolves are often poisoned or caught in illegal traps.
  • Minke whales are killed using exploding harpoons in Norway in a bloody slaughter for whale-derived products.
  • As many as 1,428 white-sided dolphins have been slaughtered in just one day in the annual massacre of whales and dolphins in the Faroe Islands.
  • Canned hunts in Zimbabwe and South Africa allow hunters to pay to kill animals who are usually confined to fenced enclosures with no hope of escaping or fighting back.
  • Hunters bring animals’ body parts back to the UK as sick souvenirs known as hunting “trophies”.
  • Baby seals are massacred in Namibia for their skin. They are often so young they are still nursing and helpless to defend themselves.
  • Seals are also slaughtered for their fur in Canada. They die painfully on the ice after they’ve been shot or bludgeoned in the head.

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