The COVID-19 pandemic originated in a “wet market” in China, where humans had direct contact with live animals and dead animal flesh. The exploitation and slaughter of other living, feeling beings has led tens of millions of us to be infected with this highly contagious disease and claimed the lives of almost 2 million people – and it’s not the first time we’ve experienced deadly outbreaks of a coronavirus.

Filthy factory farms, abattoirs, meat markets, and mink, badger, and crocodile farms provide breeding grounds for deadly pathogens like the ones that cause COVID-19, SARS, MERS, swine flu, bird flu, and more.

We can’t undo what has already been done, but we can prevent future disease outbreaks by taking action against industries that exploit animals and pose a risk to public health.

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Filthy 'Wet Markets' Still Peddling Animals and Flesh Despite COVID-19

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