PETA UK Vegan Food Awards 2013

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PETA Vegan Food Awards 2013

The PETA UK Vegan Food Awards 2013 highlight the very best in today's gourmet cruelty-free cuisine. As more and more people in the UK, including celebrities such as Leona Lewis, Caroline Flack, Russell Brand and Morrissey, choose a diet that's free from animal products, excellent vegan options are popping up everywhere!

Whether you're a chocoholic, a cheese addict or a burger lover, you'll find delectable vegan versions of your favourite foods among our winners. Most of these mouth-watering products are available in the aisles of your local supermarket or on the high street, a sign that veganism — in addition to being the most compassionate, healthiest and greenest option — is also an increasingly popular and convenient choice. And unlike animal-based fare, vegan foods are free from cholesterol and saturated animal fat, making them kind to your waistline as well as to animals!

Whittling down the abundance of superb vegan delicacies out there was a tough job, but without further ado, here are our top picks:

Alpro Almond Milk Best Dairy-Free Milk:

Alpro Almond Milk

Pour it on cereal, put it in your tea or use it in your favourite vegan baking recipes – this great-tasting and versatile non-dairy milk is a real store cupboard staple.

Fry's Chicken-Style Strips Best Faux Meat:

Fry's Chicken-Style Strips

Family company Fry's knows how to satisfy any residual meat cravings that you might have, giving you the taste of chicken without any of the cruelty.

Plamil Best Egg-Free Mayonnaise:


A condiment fit for a king, Plamil's mayo is ideal for smothering salads, jazzing up sandwiches or even dipping chips into, continental style — and no chicken had to suffer to make it!

Vegusto No-Moo Melty Best Dairy-Free Cheese:

Vegusto No-Moo Melty

Vegusto proves itself the master of concocting vegan cheesy goodness with this meltingly good, spreadable product, making it easy for vegan cooks to add homemade pizza to their repertoire.

VBites Gourmet Fish Style Steaks Best Faux Fish:

VBites Gourmet Fish Style Steaks

These breadcrumb-coated "steaks" really do taste ... fishy. But you can feast on them without guilt, knowing that their production left our oceans intact.

Vegusto Mushroom and 'Cheese Burger' Best Vegan Burger:

Vegusto Mushroom and Cheese Burger

A delicious entry from Vegusto steals the coveted veggie-burger crown. Made from mushrooms and No-Moo cheese, this meat-free patty makes barbecues a pleasure for compassionate eaters.

Linda McCartney Vegetarian Sausages Best Vegan Sausage:

Linda McCartney Vegetarian Sausages

These are perfect when you're craving bangers and mash — vegan style. For texture, seasoning and overall yum-factor, these sausages are a clear winner.

Sainsbury's Vegetable Jalfrezi Best Vegan Curry:

Sainsbury's Vegetable Jalfrezi

Spice up your TV dinner with this colourful curry. Crack out the poppadoms and eat it with a mound of fragrant rice for a meal that delivers maximum flavour with minimal effort.

Wagamama Yasai Itame Best Vegan Noodles:

Wagamama Yasai Itame

Rice noodles in a spicy coconut and lemongrass soup with tofu and oodles of fresh veggies — this generous dish will entrance your tastebuds and go a long way towards your five-a-day!

West Cornwall Pasty Co Wheatmeal Vegetable Pasty Best Vegan Pasty or Pie:

West Cornwall Pasty Co Wheatmeal Vegetable Pasty

Hearty, wholesome fare, this pasty impressed us with its combination of delightfully crisp pastry and a satisfying chunky filling.

innocent Veg Pot Caribbean Best Vegan Ready Meal:

innocent Veg Pot Caribbean

This perfectly sized portion of scrumptious jerk curry won us over with its tropical seasoning and ethical credentials — innocent always uses sustainable ingredients and recyclable packaging.

VBites Meatless Feast Best Vegan Pizza:

VBites Meatless Feast

Slob out on the sofa and eat it straight out of the box, or serve it up civilised with a nice salad — however you choose to munch on this topping-laden pizza, you're sure to enjoy it.

Pret a Manger Naked Avocado Bloomer Best Vegan Sandwich or Wrap:

Pret a Manger Naked Avocado Bloomer

Packed full of fresh, delicious ingredients, this sandwich is a sure-fire pleaser. And with more than 240 branches of Pret up and down the country, vegans on the move need never go hungry again!

The Co-operative Bakery Custard DoughnutsBest Vegan Biscuits/Cake:

The Co-operative Bakery Custard Doughnuts

Indulgence time! These extremely moreish doughnuts have long been a favourite among sweet-toothed PETA staffers, so awarding them this prize was a no-brainer.

Tesco Apple Strudel Best Vegan Dessert:

Tesco Apple Strudel

You can't go wrong with simple, classic desserts like this one. Tesco gets the balance of delicate pastry and fruity filling spot-on, and as well as being delicious, it's also refreshingly good value.

Swedish Glace Best Dairy-Free Ice Cream:

Swedish Glace

No cows were harmed in the making of this luxurious and creamy frozen treat. Tempting flavours include classic Smooth Vanilla, Rich Chocolate and Juicy Raspberry.

Hotel Chocolat Hazelnut Bûche Dark and Nutty Chocolate Log Best Vegan Confectionery:

Hotel Chocolat Hazelnut Bûche Dark and Nutty Chocolate Log

This is a decadent, rich and super-chocolatey concoction that's perfect for slicing and sharing with loved ones on special occasions. It also makes a great gift for the vegan chocolate lovers in your life.

Provamel Organic Orange & Redbush Soya Yoghurt Best Dairy-Free Yoghurt:

Provamel Organic Orange & Redbush Soya Yoghurt

Whether you eat it as a breakfast treat or a healthy dessert, this zesty low-fat yoghurt won't disappoint with its lovely creamy texture and subtle fruit flavour.

Cavi-Art Best Vegan Luxury Food Item:


When you feel like getting fancy, this Danish seaweed-based caviar substitute is bound to impress with its delicate taste and glossy, crisp consistency.

Chef Sean Paul Redding Faux GrasMost Innovative New Vegan Product:

Chef Sean Paul Redding Faux Gras

This bespoke product proves that there's no need (or excuse) to force-feed ducks and geese for a taste of luxury. Sean Paul Redding's pâté is 100 per cent humane and 100 per cent delicious — look for it on shop shelves very soon!


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