In the wool industry, how many sheep are killed for their wool?

All of them.

That’s right. We’ve heard people compare sheep shearing to getting a haircut, but have you ever had chunks of your scalp shorn off during a cut and colour?

Didn’t think so. How about being kicked or hit – has your hairdresser ever used you as a punchbag?

No, probably not.

That’s because robbing sheep of their wool is nothing like cutting someone’s hair or even shaving their head.

One PETA video exposé after another has shown that on farms, lambs’ ears are hole-punched and their tails are chopped off.


Male sheep are castrated without any pain relief.

Sheep are purposely stepped on.

They’re shorn bloody.

Some are so stressed by the experience that they die on the shearing floor.

Others die from heat exhaustion or a lack of shelter from the elements. Some die of starvation, disease, or neglect.

Those who survive these dire conditions are sent to the abattoir once the farmer no longer deems them profitable.

In Australia, terrified, abused sheep are loaded onto lorries and sent on a long journey on severely crowded, multi-tiered ships to countries that have few, if any, animal-welfare laws or regulations. And then they’re slaughtered for meat.

The throats of these sheep are often cut while the animals are still conscious.

Now you know – sheep are killed for their wool.

 So ask yourself: isn’t this sheep’s life more important than some scarf?

Sheep are gentle, sensitive individuals who are emotionally complex and highly intelligent. They’re not here for us to wear or eat them. They’re not here for us to use at all.

You Can Help Stop This Abuse

The best way to help sheep like those seen above is not to buy wool. It’s easy! If a tag has “wool” listed on it, leave the item on the shelf and instead choose from one of the many animal-free materials available.

Click below to tell Forever 21 to ban wool:

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