Live Export: Trafficking, Beatings, Broken Legs and Stabbings

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In an extensive new investigation of the Australian live-export industry – which exports up to 4 million sheep and cattle per year – Animals Australia has revealed countless atrocities to animals who are shipped from Australia to Gaza, Jordan, Kuwait and Malaysia for the annual “festival of sacrifice” in October. Video footage and photos show how exporters make a killing by supplying animals to notorious meat markets and unregulated abattoirs. Some animals are even set upon and killed in the streets. Watch Animals Australia’s disturbing video here:

Abuses endured by exported animals include the following:

  • During the journey, which can last for weeks, animals are loaded onto crowded ships and may be deprived of water in extreme heat or left unable to stand after sustaining debilitating injuries. Thousands of animals die on the open seas.

LIve export Australia - sheep

  • When they reach their destination, all that awaits them is further suffering and death. This bull was violently stabbed in front of children until he was unable to stand.

Bound-bull Middle East investigation

  • Thousands of cattle were allegedly illegally smuggled over the border from Israel to Gaza, where bulls had their legs and neck strung out between poles while their necks were roughly slashed open.

Animals Australia find sheep abused

  • Sheep with broken legs were forced onto trucks for sale.


  • In Jordan, sheep were bound, dragged through the streets, stuffed in car boots and killed in painful, frightening ways.

Middle East abattoir live export

  • At a so-called “approved abattoir”, sheep were lined up next to a filthy blood drain and had their throats slit while still conscious.

Ear-tags live-export

  • According to Animals Australia, there is “an abundance of evidence that ear tags are being removed from sheep and cattle being illegally sold and slaughtered in Jordan, Kuwait and Gaza – to prevent identification of the exporter”.

In addition to being unspeakably cruel, much of this abuse is illegal, according to Animals Australia, since it violates laws that are supposed to regulate what happens to Australian animals once they leave the country. Since the laws are not being enforced, the abuse is continuing unabated. Read more about the investigation and Animals Australia’s campaign to ban live exports here. And you can take action in the UK by writing to the Australian High Commissioner and asking him to help end this heartless industry.