Delicious Vegan Meals on the Go: From Avanti to easyJet!

The vegan revolution is marching on. Major UK supermarkets, restaurants, and coffee shops are now serving wonderful vegan options, and more and more people are eating plant-based for animals, the environment, and their health. Now, many train companies, airlines, service stations, and ferry operators are getting on board. These are the ones to watch:

  1. British Airways

    Travellers, rejoice! British Airways now has vegan options on short-haul flights. Tuck into the spiced cauliflower tortilla wrap, a root vegetable couscous pot, crisps, or nuts. The wrap was designed by chef Tom Kerridge and is filled with houmous, Madras chickpeas, spiced cauliflower, Madras slaw, and lettuce. You can pre-order from the Speedbird Café menu before your flight.

  2. Avanti West Coast

    Avanti West Coast operates services from London all the way to Inverness, and it’s streets ahead of other train companies when it comes to vegan fare. In the on-board shop on Pendolino trains, try the Chilli Non Carne Pot or Greek Salad Flatbread. First-class treats on all trains include the Potato Hash, Roasted Pepper & Sweet Potato Croquettes, and Vegetable Biriyani. Soya milk is available for hot drinks, which are served with vegan mint chocolate in first class.

  3. Jet2

    Jet2 is flying high when it comes to offering delicious vegan options. The on-board menu has a penne arrabbiata hot meal, a Nando’s box containing pitta chips and hummus, soya milk for tea and coffee, chocolate, and even vegan wine. When you book your flight, you can also pre-order a vegan hot meal. Choose between the Moroccan-spiced vegetable tagine with couscous and the all-day breakfast with grilled vegan sausage, potato rösti, and sautéed mushrooms in tomato sauce.
  4. Wightlink

    Wightlink operates ferries from Portsmouth to the Isle of Wight and prides itself on its eco-friendliness. The company has the first hybrid-energy ferry in England, offers electric car charging points, and runs marine conservation projects. Cafés at ports and on the ferries offer a range of vegan sandwiches, with varieties such as BBQ pulled jackfruit, a vegan ploughman’s, and a festive option. When possible, produce grown locally on the island is used. You can also fuel up for your holiday with goodies from Costa, such as its PETA Vegan Food Award–winning chocolate, caramel, and hazelnut cookie.

  5. easyJet

    easyJet is catering well for vegans. Its Bistro menu, available on short-haul flights, features two vegan main meals: the Mezze Snack Box – with green olives, a red pepper dip, houmous, rosemary crackers, and baklava – and a Falafel & Houmous Wrap. Vegan snack items are labelled clearly on the menu and include MOMA’s Coconut & Chia Seed Porridge, olives, BBQ-flavoured corn, and crisps.

  6. Welcome Break

    Welcome Break service stations have great options for vegans, including at PizzaExpress, Pret A Manger, Starbucks, Subway, KFC, Waitrose, WHSmith, and Krispy Kreme. And PETA’s vegan starter kit is available at two Welcome Break locations – Corley M6 westbound and Leicester Forest East M1 southbound.

    Note that the retailers and restaurants present at each service station vary.

  7. LNER

    London North Eastern Railway (LNER) operates trains to London, northeast England, and Scotland. First-class passengers can enjoy a Meatless Farm sausage patty muffin. Full steam ahead!

  8. Ryanair

    A full page of vegan meal, drink, and snack options is offered on Ryanair’s menu in collaboration with PETA. The airline’s vegan lasagne has been a huge hit, and it continues to be available on all European flights. You can now also get a vegan sausage roll and a Prosecco upgrade – now that’s travelling in style.

  9. P&O Ferries

    Sailing from the UK to Belgium, France, Ireland, and the Netherlands, P&O Ferries has some great vegan food available. Current vegan dishes at The Brasserie restaurant include a roasted-vegetable pizza with dairy-free cheese, sweet potato fries, and linguine all’arrabbiata served with hard vegan cheese, sun-blushed tomatoes, olives, and basil oil.

  10. AMT Coffee

    AMT Coffee has over 50 locations in airports and train stations across the UK and Ireland. Its vegan options include a sausage roll, a golden apricot-jam croissant, and a spicy chickpea and kale pithivier pastry. You can also get hot drinks with your choice of plant-based milk, vegan tea biscuits, and Love Vegan luxury fruit bars in Smooth Caramel & Peanut and Orange, Cacao & Cashew flavours. (Only AMT Coffee locations at hospitals are open at this time.)

  11. Irish Ferries

    Irish Ferries was the first ferry company operating out of the UK to have vegan items on the menu. On its Holyhead to Dublin service, there are several plant-based options. For breakfast, soya milk is available for tea, coffee, porridge, and muesli. You can also customise your own salad, Asian noodle soup, or stir-fry with a range of fresh veggies, beans, and tofu.
    Psst … new vegan items are coming soon!

Note: Please always be sure to double-check the ingredients before purchasing anything on this list, as manufacturers are at liberty to change them at any time.


Why Vegan?

The meat, fishing, egg, and dairy industries are a nightmare for animals, who are treated like a collection of body parts rather than sentient individuals who have the ability to feel pain, fear, and joy.

All animals reared for food suffer. Females are repeatedly forcibly impregnated. Babies are torn away from their mothers, mutilated, kept in filthy and severely crowded conditions, and fed a cocktail of drugs, sometimes causing their bodies to become oversized, resulting in numerous health problems. Then, often when they’re only a few months old, they endure a stressful and terrifying trip to the abattoir, where many are killed while still conscious.

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How to Help Animals

Businesses in the transportation sector need your help to improve their vegan options. No vegan hot dish on your flight? Please request that the airline start offering one. Send companies that you travel with a polite e-mail, tweet, or Facebook message to ask for more vegan food and drink options. Your views are listened to – companies are taking note and making changes by expanding their vegan food offering.

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