Air France: Stop Shipping Monkeys to Labs

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Amid calls for increased experimentation on monkeys during the COVID-19 outbreak, PETA is once again urging Air France to stop flying monkeys to laboratories for pointless and deadly studies.

Air France is the only major airline that continues to transport monkeys to laboratories, despite the failure of primate experimentation to lead to cures and treatments for diseases.

Rhesus monkeys in laboratories would rather starve themselves than subject their friends to electrocution. In nature, some monkeys lay sticks on the ground to indicate to others which trail to follow. These sensitive, intelligent animals need our help now!

Monkeys are poor models for studying the effects of the coronavirus on humans.

Other animals are not furry humans, and experiments on them have failed dismally in all areas of research. The use of monkeys as models of human infection by SARS and MERS – diseases also caused by coronaviruses – failed to yield any significant benefits for humans. It’s unlikely that the situation will be any different with COVID-19, the disease caused by the  novel coronavirus. We already know that it manifests differently in monkeys than it does in humans.

Vaccine trials for COVID-19 are already underway in humans.

A vaccine created by Moderna and funded by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) is going directly to clinical trials in humans, bypassing a lengthy and irrelevant animal testing phase. Experimenters attempting to receive funding for pointless animal tests are taking money away from human-relevant scientific work to find worthwhile solutions. NIH itself admits that 95% of new drugs that test safe and effective in animal trials go on to fail in humans.

There are serious health concerns linked to shipping monkeys.

Removing monkeys from their native homes and transporting them to laboratories around the world also poses a significant health risk to Air France employees, cargo handlers, and airport staff as well as laboratory workers in experimental settings.

The stress of transport has been shown to compromise immune function in monkeys. Depressed immune function can lead to the reactivation of diseases such as tuberculosis, which is known to be prevalent in monkeys exported from China and Southeast Asia. Ill monkeys are more likely to transmit pathogens to humans and to die in transit.

Urge Air France to End Its Support of Cruel and Deadly Tests

From both a scientific and an ethical point of view, sending monkeys to laboratories is senseless and wrong.

With the current spotlight on public health and dangerous diseases, it’s more important than ever that Air France stop shipping primates to laboratories. PETA won’t give up until it does. Join thousands of other people in calling on the airline to stop transporting monkeys immediately:

  • Submit a complaint on Air France’s website by filling in this form. You can see a sample comment here.
  • Phone the airline’s UK customer service team on 020 7660 0337 to make a polite complaint.
  • Post on its Facebook page.
  • Tweet the company.