PETA Fur Coat Donation Makes It to Pakistan and Afghanistan Despite Taliban Takeover

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A delivery of nearly 100 fur coats – donated by PETA supporters in the UK who had a change of heart about wearing fur – almost didn’t make it to Afghanis in need after the Taliban took over the country.

That is, until a local contact recently got the shipment cleared, allowing aid organisation Life for Relief and Development to distribute the coats.

A second donation is on its way to Pakistan, also in collaboration with Life for Relief and Development, with 256 items – including coats, blankets, hats, gloves, and more – that will keep people in need warm this winter.

Life for Relief and Development

We can’t bring back the animals who suffered for these coats, but we can use old furs to help people who desperately need them to keep warm during the harsh winter months.

Life for Relief and Development

We encourage everyone in the UK to use unwanted fur to help those in need.

Life for Relief and Development

PETA has previously teamed up with Life for Relief and Development to help those in need.

“We thank PETA for sending the fur coats to Life Afghanistan to be distributed to the poor and needy so they will keep warm during the cold winter months.”
– Life for Relief and Development CEO Dr Hany Saqr

Donate Your Fur Coats

Do you still have fur coats in your wardrobe? You can donate them now using PETA’s Fur Amnesty Programme. We’ll take them off your hands and make sure they’re put to better use.

PETA also donates furs to people experiencing homelessness and to wildlife rehabilitation programmes for use as bedding for orphaned animals.

Fur Is Out of Fashion

Millions of animals suffer and are killed every year for nothing more than bobble hats, key rings, and fur trim. The vast majority of Brits (95%) refuse to wear fur, more and more designers no longer work with it, and even Her Majesty the Queen has stopped buying it.

Fur Can’t Be Kind

Most animals used for fur spend their entire lives inside cramped cages, where they frantically turn in circles, gnaw on the bars, and mutilate themselves out of severe psychological distress before they’re killed. Animals trapped in nature can suffer for days before trappers arrive to shoot them, bludgeon them to death, or kill them in some other violent way.

Help Bears Slaughtered for Fur

Even though fur farming has been banned in the UK for 20 years, fur is still imported for sale in stores nationwide, perpetuating animal suffering.

The fur of Canadian black bears is also imported so that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) can use it to produce caps for the Queen’s Guard.

Despite having a cruelty-free doppelganger that matches the the MoD’s requirements for the caps, the ministry is still dragging its feet and refuses to make the switch.

Please take these simple steps to help stop the slaughter of bears for fur caps:

STEP 1: Take to social media.

Please tweet at the prime minister and the MoD and comment on the MoD’s Instagram and Facebook.

Struggling with writer’s block? Try something like this:

Hey, @BorisJohnson, @PETAUK has provided the MoD with a faux bear fur that is indistinguishable from real fur. Please stop the senseless killing of bears and order @DefenceHQ to quick-march the new faux fur into service. #MoDGoFurFree

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STEP 2: Send Prime Minister Boris Johnson an e-mail.

Use our action alert to send your e-mail now: