10 Vegan and Cruelty-Free Father’s Day Gifts 2019

Treat the father figure in your life to something special this Father’s Day. Even if he’s not vegan yet, it’s the perfect opportunity to lead by example and show him just how stylish animal-friendly presents can be.

Here are our favourite vegan, cruelty-free gifts for him, which no one had to suffer for:

  • Exclusive Grooming Package at Cloud Twelve

    Treat Dad to a full grooming experience at Cloud Twelve, a Feng Shui–inspired, cruelty-free wellness centre in London’s Notting Hill. The exclusive package includes a holistic deep tissue massage, a sensory aromatherapy head and shoulder massage, a haircut with tailored styling, a beard trim and tidy, full access to the spa facilities, and more. Your dad will be completely rejuvenated, look sharp, and feel energised. The package is on offer until 30 June, so be quick! You can book by calling Cloud Twelve on 020 3301 1012.

  • EVIG GRÖN Planetarium Silver Day Watch

    Luxury watches can be animal-friendly and sustainable, too. This timeless piece is crafted from premium, durable materials, which means your dad can cherish it for a lifetime.

  • Tommy Hilfiger x Lewis Hamilton Trainers

    Five-time Formula 1 world champion, animal rights advocate, and PETA’s 2018 Person of the Year Lewis Hamilton is putting vegan fashion in the fast lane. These 100% vegan trainers shout comfort and style, perfect for the sporty dad. They’ll help step up his shoe collection, and they won’t cost anybody their life.

  • Sea2see Glasses

    Every dad needs a hardy pair of sunglasses for the summer, and he can definitely rock these specs with pride. Sea2see is on a mission to clean up our oceans and protect marine life by creating frames made entirely out of recycled sea plastic.

  • Jaan J Non-Silk Ties

    For a dad who likes to look slick at parties, these silk-free ties make the perfect accessory. Jaan J has a gorgeous range to suit all styles, and they’re completely animal-friendly.

  • Roncalli Holographic Circus in Germany

    Here’s an entertaining and unforgettable experience for Dad – Circus Roncalli is selling tickets to its unique show featuring holographic animals instead of live ones. It’s an important reminder that animals don’t belong in circuses, where they’re confined to cramped enclosures and forced to perform confusing and often painful tricks under threat of violence. The circus is touring Germany throughout the year, and you can buy tickets here. It’s sure to be a memorable event!

  • FriLuk Bamboo Fountain Pen

    If your dad is constantly jotting things down and making to-do lists, this set is for him. He can keep it old-school but sustainable – and it may even inspire him to pen some powerful letters for animal rights!


  • Wild Sage & Co Vegan Shaving Brush

    This high-quality, synthetic shaving brush makes a thoughtful present, and no badgers were harmed in the making of it. It’s a great way to show Dad that vegan shaving brushes can have that traditional feel and are in many ways superior to their animal-hair counterparts.

  • Fuzzy Duck Men’s Ginger and Lime Basket of Grooming Essentials

    Check out this pampering gift set by Baylis & Harding, which your dad is bound to appreciate. It includes essential products like soap, shampoo, and shower gel with rich scents – as well as a luxurious aftershave balm, something he might not usually treat himself to. Baylis & Harding is opposed to forcing animals to suffer in cruel cosmetics testing, so the company has not tested, does not test, and will not test its products or ingredients on animals.

  • LaBante Vegan Bifold Wallet

    Every dad will benefit from a stylish, strong, and durable wallet. LaBante offers a great range of these for you to choose from, which are all made from vegan leather.

If you’re looking for more ideas for stylish, compassionate gifts for your dad, check out our list of “PETA-Approved Vegan” brands that sell animal-free clothing, accessories, and shoes.

To make this Father’s Day a truly special one for all fathers, why not encourage your dad to adopt an animal-friendly lifestyle? Order him a copy of PETA’s free vegan starter kit to help him embark on his vegan journey, or invite him to take our 30-day vegan pledge so that he can see just how easy it is to live with compassion: