Companion Animal Awards 2018

With the aim of helping guardians provide their dogs and cats with the best care, grooming, and entertainment available, PETA has launched the first annual Companion-Animal Awards! Every collar, leash, bed, and toy on the list is 100 per cent free of animal-derived materials like leather and wool and ingredients like meat – and they’re all well-loved by companion animals.

Check out the first-ever winners of PETA’s Companion-Animal Awards here:

  • Best ID Tags

    Noggins & Binkles Cat & Dog ID Tags

    Of course, having your animal companions microchipped is a must – but ID tags can also help reunite you with them if they get lost. This ethical, luxury companion-animal accessory brand was born after its founder adopted two cats from Mauritius. The “PETA-Approved Vegan” company also uses cruelty-free alternatives to leather and handcrafts its products in its London studio.

  • Best Dog Collar

    FriendshipCollar Pine-ing for You

    Not only are these “PETA-Approved Vegan” collars (which are great for holding ID tags but not suitable for attaching a lead to) a cute accessory for your dog, they also help homeless dogs, as a percentage of the proceeds from every sale is donated to shelters in the US. This range is made entirely from vegan leather, meaning that no animal had to die for your dog’s accessory.

  • Best Dog Harness

    Hurtta Cooling Harness

    This unique design is made to help your dog keep cool in warmer temperatures. It comes with a detachable water pocket, which creates a cooling effect as the water evaporates. It’s also adjustable for maximum comfort.

  • Best Lead

    Laura Zabo Bicycle Tire Dog Leash

    Innovative London designer Laura Zabo creates sustainable accessories for humans and animals from recycled materials – and this stylish lead is made from upcycled bicycle tyres! Her entire collection is vegan and handmade in her London studio.

  • Best Dog Bed

    Weaver Green Kasbah Smoke Floor Cushion

    Eco-friendly company Weaver Green has created this soft and durable dog bed in a patterned fabric that your pooch will love curling up on. Bonus eco points: the stain-resistant, machine-washable cushion is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles.

  • Best Cat Bed

    Meyou Paris The Cat Ball – Pollen

    A cat bed that doubles as a stylish decoration for your home, Meyou Paris’ sophisticated design is the perfect place for your companion to relax and take a nap. The cocoon comes with a soft cushion for ultimate comfort.

  • Best Dog Toy

    My Intelligent Dogs Dog’s Wheel of Fortune

    This clever toy is the perfect way to keep your dog entertained: the cylinder – into which you’ll place a handful of treats – has four segments separated by wooden walls, each containing holes of different sizes. Some are big enough for the treats to pass through, while others aren’t. When the dog turns the wheel, the treats will fall out of the larger holes. Your pup will soon learn to spin the wheel in order to receive a reward!

  • Best Cat Toy

    Catit Senses 2.0 Super Circuit Cat Toy

    This exciting and stimulating toy encourages cats to chase and swat at a ball, keeping them entertained for hours. The circuit can be assembled into 100 different designs, meaning that your feline friend will never get bored with this versatile toy.

  • Best Cat Scratching Post

    Argos Petface House Scratcher

    Provide your cat with maximum entertainment with this scratching post, which offers a variety of opportunities to scratch, play, and explore as well as three different places to relax.

  • Best Dog Treats

    Benevo Pawtato Sticks with Spinach and Kale

    Low in fat but rich in antioxidants and packed with other nutrients, Benevo’s flavourful sticks with sweet potato, rice, spinach, and kale will become any veggie-loving dog’s new favourite treat.

  • Best Dog Bowl

    Alessi Lulà

    An eye-catching statement accessory as well as a resistant and durable design, this stainless steel bowl comes with a lid in thermoplastic resin to protect any leftover food and keep your friend from snacking all day.

  • Best Cat Bowl

    BecoPets Beco Cat Bowl

    This bowl is made from rice husks and bamboo, making it entirely vegan and sustainable. Perfect for your feline friend, it has a low rim to ensure that cats can eat comfortably without brushing their whiskers against the sides.

  • Best Dog Coat

    Barbour B.Intl Dog Coat

    Barbour’s classic motorcycle jackets for humans are recreated here in a canine version. A stylish choice that will keep your companion warm in any weather, this coat in waxed cotton is water-resistant and has a polar-fleece lining to keep your pup extra toasty.

  • Best Dog Shampoo

    The Dogs Body Rascal Shampoo Bar

    This shampoo bar nourishes the skin and conditions the coat while stimulating blood circulation. It’s full of natural oils such as rosemary and thyme, and it’s 100 per cent vegan and handmade in the UK.

If you have the time, money, ability and commitment to give an animal a lifelong home, there’s no better place to find your new best friend than at your local animal shelter. Shelters everywhere are overflowing with loving, friendly animals of all shapes, sizes, personalities and ages who desperately need homes.

Learn more about adopting an animal companion: