Finally, IKEA’s Beloved Vegan Hot Dog Is Coming to the UK!

Besides successfully avoiding breaking up with your significant other, the best part of any IKEA trip is a visit to the cafeteria for some of the famous vegan meatballs – and things are about to get even better.

Starting this week, UK branches of the furniture giant will start serving vegan hot dogs garnished with spicy mustard, roasted onions, and red cabbage – yum! While meat-based hot dogs are packed to the brim with unsavoury ingredients like plastic, glass, and pigs’ lips and bones, these plant-based delights are much better for your health, the environment, and animals.

According to Forbes, IKEA is rolling out its vegan hot dogs globally after selling more than 1 million of them in its European branches since their launch last month. During that initial test-run, they received a 95 per cent customer approval rating. And if reactions across social media are any indication, they’re set to get a warm welcome in the UK, too.

Why Vegan?

Animals are subjected to horrific cruelty so that humans can consume meat, fish, eggs, and dairy “products”, but you can help end their suffering. By going vegan, you’ll stop contributing to the violence that’s inherent in industries that exploit and kill animals for profit. Download our free vegan starter kit today to make the switch and save animals’ lives.