Listen Now: PETA US Podcast

The PETA Podcast, produced by PETA US, gives you behind-the-scenes access to PETA affiliates’ philosophy, current initiatives, victories over animal abuse, ideas for a more humane world, and everything that makes us sometimes controversial, always effective, and impossible to ignore.

Listen in on the ways in which PETA US, the world’s largest animal rights organisation – with more than 6.5 million members and supporters worldwide – has changed the world with effective animal advocacy since 1980. Hosted by journalist Emil Guillermo, The PETA Podcast features staff from PETA affiliates, activists, investigators, legal strategists, experts, and others speaking about their activities and why animals need more than simple kindness – they deserve to have the right not to be abused or exploited in any way.

You’ll also get an inside look at the plans that PETA affiliates have for a future in which there’s no place for speciesism and animals are valued for themselves, not their worth to humans. Listen below, and make sure that you subscribe so you’ll never miss an episode!

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