15 Vegan and Cruelty-Free Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2021

Do you have an important woman in your life who also happens to be a mother? (Cat mums count!) Now’s the time to make Mum feel appreciated – even from afar – so treat her to something special this Mother’s Day.

Here are some vegan and cruelty-free gift ideas that mums are sure to love:

  • Dr Botanicals

    Acai & Goji Berry Moisturiser

    No animal had to suffer for this cruelty-free natural moisturiser, which will leave your mama’s skin feeling smooth and pampered.

  • Ethical Bedding


    Mums work so hard, and they deserve a proper rest. These 100% vegan, silk-free, sustainable pillowcases will let her slumber through to sunrise – and no silkworms were harmed in the making of a good night’s sleep.

  • Jana Reinhardt

    Letters Necklace

    Jana Reinhardt offers luxurious and customisable pieces that are bound to make your mum feel super-glamorous. The brand’s letter necklaces are especially lovely.

  • Sancho’s

    Hariette Jacket

    Does your mum love to rock ethical and planet-friendly looks? Then she’ll love Sancho’s vegan collection. You can find long-lasting pieces such as the Hariette Jacket – made from 100% recycled PET bottles.

  • Lemon Jelly

    Yellow Slides

    Summer is just around the corner, and after the past year, it can’t come soon enough. Get Mum excited about the coming season – and holidays – with these bright slides from Lemon Jelly.

  • Raw & Juicy

    Juice Cleanse

    Juice cleanses are all the rage, and this one is jam-packed with vegan goodness. If your mum loves to stay fit and healthy, the three- to 14-day Women’s Balance Cold-Pressed Juice Cleanse will make her happy for days (or weeks) to come.

  • The Throw Company

    Faux-Fur Collars

    The Throw Company’s faux-fur collars are the ideal accessories to zhoosh up any outfit, all the while keeping Mum cosy and looking fab.

  • Cloud Twelve

    Gift Voucher

    Favourite child alert: Mum will swoon when she receives a voucher for an all-day grooming experience at Cloud Twelve, a Feng Shui–inspired, cruelty-free wellness centre in London’s Notting Hill.

  • Charlotte Dunn

    Vegan Silk Pyjamas

    These gorgeous pyjamas will ensure your mum stays chic, comfortable, and compassionate while in “do not disturb” mode. The set is made of bamboo silk, which means no silkworms were harmed in the making of it.

  • Moleskine

    Sakura Notebook

    This lovely vegan leather journal is the perfect place for Mum to jot down all her thoughts, ideas, and plans for world domination.

  • Borough 22


    From lime-glazed to cinnamon-sugared, raspberry-glazed, and gooey marshmallow s’mores, Borough 22 has delicious gluten-free doughnuts to satisfy your mum’s cravings.

  • AJ Nails Collection

    Nail polish

    AJ Nails Collection is ideal for a mum who loves a pop of colour. The independent nail polish brand is cruelty-free, and all its products are handcrafted in London.

  • Will’s Vegan Store

    Saddle Bag

    Will’s Vegan Store offers a large selection of world-class fashion accessories that are completely animal-friendly. Our top pick for Mum is this fashionable saddlebag.

  • La Aquarelle

    Organic Sleep Mask

    These 100% vegan, sustainable, handmade eye masks will bring your sweet mum sweet dreams, just like she deserves. You get a choice of fabrics – opt for organic cotton jersey or, if your mum’s skin is on the sensitive side, bamboo silk.

  • Booja-Booja


    The luxury vegan chocolate truffles from Booja-Booja are sure to go down well, and they come in beautiful packaging Mum will love.


If you’re looking for more fashion-forward, compassionate gifts for Mum, check out our list of “PETA-Approved Vegan” brands that sell animal-free clothing, accessories, and shoes.

To make this Mother’s Day a truly special one for all mothers, why not encourage your mum to adopt an animal-friendly lifestyle? Order her a copy of PETA’s free vegan starter kit to help her embark on her vegan journey, or invite her to take our 30-day vegan pledge so that she can see just how easy it is to live with compassion: