PETA’s 2022 Vegan Homeware Awards

Throws made from recycled bottles, a hypo-allergenic eucalyptus duvet, and even an eco-friendly dog chair won accolades in PETA’s sixth annual Vegan Homeware Awards, which recognise the designers and brands meeting the skyrocketing demand for sustainable, compassionate decor.

  • Best Leather-Free Sofa Range:

    DFS Vegan

    These stylish sofas will be the focal point of any room – but what’s special about this collection is that no animal had to suffer or die for it. This is why we were proud for the collection to bear our “PETA-Approved Vegan” logo.

  • Best Wool-Free Mattress:

    John Lewis & Partners Classic Eco 1200 Pocket Spring Mattress

    Get a good night’s sleep knowing that no sheep were beaten or violently shorn for your mattress. Added bonus: this mattress from John Lewis was made with recycled plastic bottles, making it kind to the planet as well as animals.

  • Best Beeswax-Free Candle:

    Malin+Goetz Mojito Candle

    Fill your home with the fresh scent of your favourite summer cocktail with this mojito candle from Malin+Goetz. This candle is not only free from ingredients tested on animals but also made without hurting and exploiting bees for beeswax.

  • Best Wool-Free Throw:

    Vegan Haven Diamond Gold Throw

    Who needs wool when you have Vegan Haven’s stylish throw, made with 100% recycled plastic bottles? Eco bonus: this long-lasting and stain-resistant design can be recycled at the end of its lifespan.

  • Companion Animal Award:

    Aldi Scalloped Dog Chair

    Your four-legged friend will love this comfortable dog chair, which will also be a chic addition to your home. Completely free from any animal-derived fibres, Aldi’s design makes the perfect gift for any dog guardian.

  • Best Wool-Free Carpet:


    Vegans steer clear of carpets made with wool to spare sheep horrendous suffering and to protect the planet – and this carpet from Dutch brand Donkersloot is a perfect option. It’s 100% recyclable, and every component down to the glues is vegan!

  • Best Down-Free Bedding:

    Mela Air Duvet

    A luxuriously soft, cloud-like duvet without a single feather, Mela’s eucalyptus-fibre duvet is both cruelty-free and hypo-allergenic – unlike down-based bedding.

  • Best Statement Piece:

    LyZadie Design Studio TUI Stool

    This elegant stool is a true conversation starter – made from sustainably sourced wood, discarded bike tubes, and Piñatex plant leather, LyZadie’s design will lend a high-end touch to your interior.

  • Essential Reading Award:

    ‘Vegan Interiors’ by Deborah DiMare

    Decorate your home in cruelty-free style with vegan interior design expert Deborah DiMare’s decor bible Vegan Interiors. Her stunning coffee table book features examples of beautifully decorated vegan spaces, alongside tips on creating your own ethically styled abode.

Always Choose Vegan

Thanks to brands such as our award winners, more and more cruelty-free options are available for shoppers who want to avoid leather, feathers, wool, and silk.

Animals are not ours to wear or decorate our homes with. Before their skin or hair reaches shop shelves, animals endure a life of misery, pain, frustration, and fear, and many are skinned alive.

Every time you reach for your wallet, you have a choice between standing up for animals or supporting the industries that exploit them. Find out more about vegan living: