We saw exciting changes in the food industry last year, and vegan food is still on the rise in 2018 – one trip to the supermarket is enough to show just how much progress has been made towards compassionate eating.

The world is thinking about animal rights differently and understanding that other animals have just as much of an inherent desire to live as we do.

It’s already been a big year for cruelty-free goodness, as vegans are spicing up the food scene with innovative dishes, day after day. We’ve chosen some of the most popular trends for foodies to try out in their own kitchens. And for when you’d rather not cook, fear not: we’ve included places where you can find some of these treats ready-made.

  • Jackfruit Everything!

    Of all the vegan meat alternatives, this one might be the most surprising. It’s shocking just how well you can turn this spiky, tropical fruit into mouth-watering vegan pork with the right flavours and spices – and people across the food world have taken notice.

    From enchiladas, burgers, and nachos to pizza, biryani, and bao buns, this fruit is versatile and wonderful in a wide variety of dishes. Add it to the menu for your next dinner party or get a taste of it at Haunt in London.

  • Street Food–Inspired Dishes

    Some say there’s no better way to discover a country’s cuisine than through its street food, and thanks to this foodie trend, people can now get to know the vegan flavours of more or less any nation at markets around the UK. These delectable dishes are the perfect way to enjoy traditional fare without having to splash out on a plane ticket.

    Find a vegan market near you.

  • Buddha Bowls

    If you’ve spent more than a few seconds on social media, you’ve definitely come across one of these – and for good reason. These vibrant, brightly coloured bowls are easy to put together and full of goodness, so it’s no surprise they’ve been shared on Instagram over 280,000 times. This dish is the perfect excuse to get creative and improvise, so fill your bowl with the veggies you hold near and dear and top them off with your fave vegan source of protein.

    If you manage to catch the Buddha Bowl Van at a festival or market, tuck in to one of its indulgent, jam-packed bowls.

  • Mermaid Toast

    Don’t worry – no marine animal was harmed in the making of this trend! Mermaid toast is the perfect testament to how beautiful eating vegan can be. This gorgeous meal can be made with just vegan cream cheese and blue-green algae powder. But people love to make a splash with this one, topping their mermaid toast with anything reminiscent of the deep blue sea.

    You can order algae powder from Amazon and swirl your own.

  • Freakshake

    If you’ve got a sweet tooth, this will satisfy all your cravings. Imagine a dessert on top of another dessert on top of another dessert – heaven is a place on Earth with freakshakes. These vegan goodies are usually served in a mason jar and topped with flavoursome syrups. They also have no bad angles, which makes them perfect for anyone who loves taking a good foodie picture.

    Slip into a sugar coma at The Canvas café in London.

  • Nice Cream

    Nice cream is like ice cream’s friendly cousin. It’s a really quick and easy way to make a delicious sweet treat at home that’s also good for you! Note: You’ll need a blender for this one.

    If you don’t have a blender (or the patience), you can pick some up at Iceland.

  • Chia Pudding

    A gorgeous jar of chia pudding can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Try one for breakfast, as an afternoon snack, or even as a cheeky dessert. They’re refreshing and filling but also really easy to look at, which is probably why they’ve become so popular online.

    Whip up one of these yummy creations at home in no time, or grab one from your local Pret A Manger.

  • Non-Dairy Milks, Yogurts, Cheeses, and More

    It can be hard to keep up with all the new non-dairy product launches, and we couldn’t be happier. These days, you can easily enjoy a vegan cheese night with pals or treat yourself to a hot chocolate on a cosy evening in. Animals suffer in the dairy industry,  but this positive trend means you can enjoy dairy-free versions of all your favourite foods without harming any animals.

Why Eat Vegan?

The meat, fishing, egg, and dairy industries are a nightmare for animals, who are treated like “products” rather than sentient individuals who have the ability to feel pain, fear, and joy, just as we do. Learn more about the reality of animal agriculture:

Being kind to animals is simple. To help you get started with making the transition to a compassionate lifestyle, our free vegan starter kit has tips and information on going vegan – for animals, the environment, and your health. Download a copy today!